Levitation cylinder

The levitation cylinder is a cylinder about one foot in diameter and about 3 feet long. It is imbued with magical energy and when attached to a vehicle's base or bottom will allow it to float. Each cylinder can lift a few hundred pounds, so it would require many cylinders to lift an entire boat and its cargo. Not only does the cylinder float, but when linked to a steering sphere, it can be used for propulsion.   When building a vehicle to accept the cylinders, they must be place symetrically on the vehicle with regards to the weight and balance of the vehicle. Some variance is allowed, so someone walking on the deck of a ship whose hull is covered in cylinders could still move about with no negative effect.   The blue levitation cylinder used for simple lift and propulsion. Originally a Nethen creation, it is one of the few magic items created by the Nethen that the people of Els'tar every figured out how to create. Only a single group in Els'tar know how to create the cylinders, and guard the secrets.
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