Healing Rod

The healing rod is a magical device created by the ancient Nethen people to use in healing traumatic wounds such as cuts, lacerations, and blunt trauma. A similar device also exist in the world of Els'tar.   The healing rod can be recharged using any of the various sources of batteries that exist within the world of Karenth. Normally these rods hold 20 to 50 charges. In the hands of a skilled healer the rod can also be used to heal disease blindness, deafness, and other illnesses.   The rods created by the Nethen are substantially better than those created by the Displaced. They are able to heal much more damage when used by a skilled healer, and such individuals may even be able to cure magical diseases. There are even legends of such rods existing able to cure even more such as curses, arcane effects such as polymorph, and even worse maladies.   Only a few of these Nethen devices have been found by the Displaced.

Cover image: by Elena Ivashchenko


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