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Gilenvrath (a.k.a. Gilly)

Myreh knelt next to the body. She placed her hand a few inches above the corpse and looked around, not seeing anyone in the alley. “All clear?” she asked as if to no one.

Her hair moved around the back of her neck as a small silver dragon head poked out by her ear. “I don’t sense anyone.”

Myreh’s hand began to glow a soft orange as she spoke words rarely heard on Earth. Hundreds of images flashed through her mind, some of the victim, and some of his attacker. The flash ended with a single image, a man Myreh recognized. “Great, another Nethen. What’s he doing on this world?”

“I don’t know, my sweet.”

Her hand stopped glowing as she stood up and walked towards the street. “Your feet really tickle, Gilly.”
“And your hair smells funny,” teased the dragon as he tucked his head under the collar of her trench coat.

  Gilly and Myreh are best friends and companions. Myreh found Gilly several decades ago while she was exploring one of the ancient ruins. They startled each other when their eyes first locked, but Gilly broke the silence and Myreh realized Gilly was one of the Dragons of Karenth . Gilly on the other hand was exstatic finding another human to speak with after many thousands of years alone.
  A friendship quickly blossomed and when Myreh invited Gilly onto her shoulders to walk with her. He's can almost always be found there when not on a special mission from Myreh, or eating.

  Once Gilly learned of Myreh law enforcement role, he was fascinated and asked to come with her. Together they have continued working as bounty hunters for the Nethen, travelling between worlds and capturing those trying to create issues outside of Karenth.

Personal History

Gilly is old. He has knowledge of the Eusarans , and even the earlier Nethen people, which he may of obtained either first hand or the Eusarns. He claims to have lived with the Eusarans for a time before they disappeared. Once that happened, Gilly was lost. Everyone he knew was gone. For thousands of years, he wandered the areas around the Known World, lonely. Most of the remaining sentient races, orc, goblinoids, giant-kin and so forth would find him a delicacy and eat him.


With many thousands of years under his belt and capable of reading and speaking most languages, Gilly has a vast knowledge on many topics. During the thousands of years alone, Gilly read many books. He would travel from city to city and explore each building looking for books and reading any new ones he found.

With all of this knowledge, Gilly does not flaunt it nor openly display it. He is happy to answer questions when they are posed, and directly shares knowledge with Myreh.
At least 10,000 years, probably much older
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
small horns on head
50 cm long
3 kg

Cover image: Gilly Enjoying the Day by Scott Weeks via MidJourney


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