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The Great Steppes

"This land does not know your gods, it knows your trinkets, but in elven hands. It no longer has masters, but itself, so it's best for you to take you trinkets, and leave... Now" Jal-Karai, Horselord of the Silver Horde     Once, the Great Steppes were feared by all: A place of gloom that even the orcs dared not to ride, its roads were littered with the skulls of those that tried to defeat the conquerers of Hark-Narrath, and those that ride north to the Goblin cities spoke of creatures that roamed the land that seemed... Disturbing. And at the heart of it all, there was the city of Hark-Nareem, the city at the heart of darkness, the Temple-City of The Faceless God, and the place in which a strange black stone fell from the sky.   Once... But no more. Now, the Steppes are empty, its towers and fortresses lie in ruins; elven and goblin wrecks dot the landscape, and the orcs now ride in the steppes, claiming the territory -and their freedom- for their own.   There are three major cities that have great significance in the Great Steppes:  

  • Mogoi-Khot; the Gathering place and most important city for the Orcs, as it is here that they proclaimed their freedom, and the place some claim The Charioteer of the Sun came to give the Orcs Sunspear, a powerful relic that was used against the Goblins during their Year of their Revolt.
  • Alcibiades; a port-city that connects The Great Waste and the Steppes, and slightly to the The Valley Princes; trade of the artifacts and treasures of the Great Waste is abundant here, but also the city also finances explorations to the north of the steppes.
  • Hark-Nareem; No one has entered here after the war.


Most of the Land is flat, with the Great Steppes going all the way to the Northlands, and the Tomb of Hark-Narrath, only the Goblin Sea, the Islands of the Aegean peoples, and the Thunderous Oceans of the East border it.

Flora & Fauna

There are many horses which the Steppes people tame and trade with Southerners and Northlanders. Sometimes Mammoths are seen crossing the uppermost parts of the Northlands, into the great steppes, and along these there are snow leopards, wolves, and the most terrible of all are the Lions of the Steppes: Big, silent, and powerful, these enormous cats pounce at their victims with terrible speed despite their size.

Natural Resources

While at first, there might me little resources to the casual observer, those that know the lay of the land will find that there are things worth in these lands: Tar in the northlands, Ghost-trees that can be used for alchemical components, snowberry-bushes, and even some minerals in the mountains close to the Northlands.
Alternative Name(s)
The Great Steppes
The Savage Land-sea

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