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Malandrassa, the city of the Golden Lion-King

Even though we have come from afar, this Settlement, this... City of the Golden Lion-King, feels more like our home than our encampments in the wild. Perhaps is the abundance of other explorers and seekers of Honor from the Crimson Cities, or perhaps is the wards keeping our dreams safe from the depredations of the Good Neighbors... Manuel Arriques, Knight-Arcanist of the Order of the Eldritch Seas, citizen of Brujaquemada.   From the Storm-soaked lands of the of The Mistfae Coast it rises: a city of Red Brick and mortar, of walls decked in hundreds of religious and arcane iconography; a city of hurried scholars and market-mongers, who noisily move in the ordered streets and passages that crisscross the city; it is also a city that is shadowed by a great blackstone hill, a hill that -carved in its top- rises a throne in which sits a golden statue of a Tabaxi, a Tabaxi known as the Golden-Lion King.


The Majority of the inhabitants are Humans and Halflings native either of Ikele or The Crimson Lands, though the most prominent citizens of Malandrassa are Tabaxi, and a few Dragonborn.


The city is ruled by a singe figure, known as the Golden Lion-King, whom takes great care of protecting Malandrassa's interests and well-being.   Every 50 years, the Noble Guild-Houses of Malandrassa elect a single Champion of their own (though they often leave an open invitation to a guildless citizen, provided they pass the stringent rules of the Guilds) in a series of competition of skill, guile, and brawn, known as the War of the Throne; the winner becomes the new Golden Lion King, and moves to the Hill-Palace where the Guilded Throne resides, from there, the new Golden Lion-King rules the city, and the adjacent lands under its protection.


Besides the Towers of House Ohlen, the militia trained by the Guild-Houses Madrann, and the Knights of House Kimba also help with the maintenance of the City's walls, and inner defenses.


They City acts as a port in the storm of sorts, keeping the Fae Magic at bay, but also guiding ships close to the untrustworthy seas of the Mistfae Coast.


The Arcane Towers that keep the Fae-magic at bay (built by the Guild-House Ohlen) are one of the many important buildings the Guilds keeps not just in the city, but also in territories outside of them to maintain crops, calm seas and roads close to the city.   House Malael keeps the ports and commerce, while House Madrann keeps the Peace. House Uth is well known as the House of Healing, and also a house of Teaching, while House Kirik seeks Wisdom from the Stars, and thus is full of explorers and guides. House Anassi keeps the streets and infrastructure, as well as investigating the goings-on in the city and adjacent territories, and House Alanis deals with the aid of crops, and the disposing of the Dead.   Only House Kimba stands alone, for this is house of the Golden Lion-King; this is House of One, though it is full of serfs, Guild Representatives, and an order Knights-Errant that keep the peace in the name of the City of Malandrassa.


Besides the relative calm created by the Arcane Towers, Malandrassa offers several stores and general supplies for those that wish to venture deep into Ikele , or leaving from it, as well as solace from the seas of the Mistfae Coast.

Guilds and Factions

Besides the guilds mentioned before, The Academy has a foothold in maintaining the City's only Sky-port available (something that House Malael constantly tries to control from the Academy), as well as a Temple of The Tetrarchy of Faith, but several smaller temples of several local deities of The Old Faith keep some of the locals' spiritual needs kept.


The story of Malandrassa is a curious one: At first it was a simple fishing village with an unusually calm shore, village was often sacked by Reivers, then abandoned, then inhabited, then raided again. This cycle going on for what it seemed to be time immemorial, until a Sembai Tabaxi came and established himself as King of the outlying lands. He then left a group of his most trusted warriors to keep the peace in his absence: Ohlenn the Watcher, Malael the Seafarer, Uth the Mender, Madrann the Shield-Mother, Kirik the Shaman, and Alanis the Fieldwarden.   Upon his return, Kimba the Golden Lion carved the earth of the tallest hill in the coast, and found a vein of gold, and with magics and brute strength, it turned the gold vein into a throne carved into the living rock, from then he sat and began to lead the construction of the city of Malandrassa.


  The City itself, while made of mud brick, much of the fortifications have a strong rock foundation, and the closer we get into the Great House of the Guilds, marble becomes a more common construction material.   The Palace in the Hill, however, the great seat of the Golden Lion-King of Malandrassa, is still made of mudbrick and stone; but on its walls and gates, powerful runes and incantations hum with subtle (yet powerful) abjuration magic.


Malandrassa is built on a deep and rocky shore, with the Great Hill of the Palace overlooking the sea.

Natural Resources

Besides of the wealth of the Sea, the city's surroundings do have access of fertile soil which brings the city with a bounty of sweet potatoes, sunflowers, wheat, corn, chillies, and gracing for goats and cattle.

Around 12000 permanent residents, but the numbers may double considering the number of explorers and travelers
Location under
The Mistfae Coast

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