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Wang Kuo

This is the current location of the Imperial City, Kuo Te Lung. It is in the center of a fertile river crescent between the Chan Lu tributary and the Hungtse. The area is well drained and crisscrossed by numerous canals and waterways. Much of the Imperial City is constructed on the ruins of an earlier capital burned down in 2050.   The people of Wang Kuo are the largest group of Shou Lung, their densely packed cities making up nearly 40 percent of the overall population. They are known for being unfailingly polite, cultured, intelligent and sophisticated – on the surface. It is the Wang who have set the styles of dress throughout the Empire; published the most important writings and produced the most famous plays. Of medium height and stature, they are fond of wearing the tight cheosong or the high collared mandarin’s coat, usually in tasteful, but heavily embroidered silks. “Her skin is as smooth as a Wang’s speech,” is a common saying within Shou Lung, reflecting their reputation for mannered conversation and elegance.


The governor oversees the province and the magistrates working under them.


Although this region has always been heavily populated, it did not come into its own until 869, after the Ivory Plague decimated the Imperial City of Hai Sheng. Ordered to leave by the kirin, the survivors of the Imperial family fled the area, moving to a small city at a juncture of the upper Hungtse. This they named the new capital. With this exodus came an incredible influx of culture and trade, centering around the new Imperial Capital and the upland city of Ping Chow (a major cultural center famed for its arts, theatres and salons). In 2050, a great fire swept the capital, but it was rebuilt upon the ashes of the old site.

Geopolitical, Province
Alternative Names
The Province of the Kingdom
Parent Organization

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