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Ma' Yuan

This area is comprised of vast, arid salt plain. The people of this region, the Mai, are a hardy, stolid and reliable lot; excellent horsemen and fierce fighters with axe and short sword. They are physically the largest of the Shou peoples, standing almost six foot two as an average. Their clothes are usually rough woolens tipped with furs. The Mai eat far more millet and wheat than is common in other parts of the Empire, mostly in the form of noodles and stuffed buns. They are the only people of the Shou who regularly eat lamb and mutton.


The governor oversees the province and the magistrates working under them.


Most of the salt, iron and other metals of the Empire come from scattered mines in this area.   This is the province of the Great Dragon Wall, which blocks the barbarian hordes from sweeping into the Empire. The Kuangchiu Road also passes through this region.


Ma’ Yuan has always been a place of rugged adventurers and tough miners. Too cold and barren to support a large population, it has never been an important nexus of civilization. The province has formed one of the first lines of defense against the barbarians of the Plain of Horses.

It is said of the Mai that they are “Stubborn to anger, as unstopable as the taifun, and bright before Heaven in their stupid honesty.” Whether this proverb is a compliment or not is somewhat unclear.

Geopolitical, Province
Alternative Names
The Plain of the Horse
Parent Organization

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