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Hai Yuan

Moving southwest from the upper Hungtse, the land turns from river basin to dense jungle and swamp, ending in a brackish tidal area at the sea. The many inlets, coves and heavy foliage make this area nearly impossible to farm, but provide excellent cover for pirates, smugglers and other brigands, who still inhabit this area today.   The Hai are an adventurous race, but also arrogant, stubborn, and loud in bearing. They are also the most self assured of all the Shou, and seem to flaunt it with their incredible audacity. A Hai will attempt almost any feat, simply because he believes that as a superior man, he will obviously succeed. They are sea traders and occasional pirates, whose houses are built on stilts to protect them from floods, and whose ships are the fleetest of all the Empire. They rarely eat meat, preferring fish, and have learned the dishes of sushi and sashimi (two types of raw fish, one with pickled rice) from the Kozakurans. As a counterpart to the ethereally beautiful women of Sheng Ti, the Hai are said to produce the handsomest men in all the Empire. And they know it.


The governor oversees the province and the magistrates working under them.


Karatin , the largest city, is claimed by the Hai to be the home of the legendary Sea Lords of Karatin. Also on the coast is Taoshin, a large seaport city with trade to the east. Above the drained ground is Keelung, a high plateau city famed for its tea and extremely fine silks.


These lands were originally known as the Karatin Provinces, and indeed, the capital city of the province is still named Karatin. However, at the the time of the Great Pirate Lords, this region was mostly swamp and jungle. By the command of the first Emperor Chin of the Hai Dynasty, the region around the city of Karatin was drained and diked, making it into a fertile basin. In honor of this achievement, the province was named Hai Yuan.
Geopolitical, Province
Alternative Names
The Maritime Province
Parent Organization
Controlled Territories

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