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Blue Wolf trading post

Blue Wolf is a partially nomadic tribe of peaceful orcs moving around within the Hai Yuan forest, this is their one permanent settlement. The trading post hosts Blue Wolf clan members and any others seeking trade with peaceful intentions. It also has clay brick homes for the winters. The people dress is blues, reds, and white; if you have a vibrant or fine piece of clothing or an ornament like this to offer you're sure to make friends here.   These orcs (and some other races) can be largely considered chaotic good and pacifists. They follow a shamanistic religion focused around spirit wolves and other benevolent guardian spirits, and try to live kind and joyful lives. While they are usually non-violent, choosing to avoid rather than fight, they will do so to protect the wilderness or kind people from wrongdoings.


70% orcs, 20% half-orc, 5% humans, and 5% hangeyokai.


An elder from each family is chosen to make up a council which decides matters democratically. Shamans hold more rank than those less in-tune with the spirits.


Each year when the thaw comes everyone in the clan helps with the upkeep of the trading post in a large work party before moving to separate sites.   The clan is mainly self-sufficient, they have limited contact with outsiders but the things they do trade are worth much to the right buyers. The main trade goods Blue Wolf has are:

  • rare herbs
  • exotic beasts as pets
  • special natural ingredients and items


  • Storehouse of food
  • Storehouse of tools, weapons, vehicles, etc.


The odd orc tribes that wound up in Kara-Tur were majorly wiped out by the Shou-Lung Empire in a near-extinction. The Blue Wolf clan was formed when various orcs moved into the woods and adopted a new lifestyle to escape the violence. They maintain a nomadic tradition from this time when settling in one place too long could attract dangerous attention.   It is told that when the ancestors fled to the wilderness a huge white and blue wolf protected them from the evil undead and showed them how to cleanse the evil from the forest around them. They felt a deep connection with the spirit wolf as a protector and began worshiping and seeking the favour of benevolent spirits. This is where the clan name Blue Wolf originates.


clay brick buildings with bamboo-slat roofs. The buildings are built tall, the size and layout are designed for lots of communal shared space rather than privacy. The windows and doors are round and face north.

Outpost / Base
Inhabitant Demonym
Blue Wolves

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