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The Ausa Province controls all land east of the Akensai River and Mokan River, including the Prioto Islands. It is ruled by the Ho clan from the mighty port city Ausa. The ships flying the sky-blue Ho Banner with two white daggers and three red stars are feared throughout Kara-Tur's mighty oceans.   True patriots of Ausa do not recognize the Emperor, and refer to him as the "“King of Wail".” They are obstinate people and publicly call for the overthrow of the government.   The Nugha tribes of the Nanton caverns still follow a mysterious kio ton mu (witchdoctor).


Ho Bai Lee rules the province and his district, and he has seen that his cousin controls the Champka district to consolidate Ho power.   Tan Wui Locca has jurisdiction of the Prioto Islands from the historic Tan family holding of Te Pachan Castle.   There are four other districts held by a variety of accomplished generals and warrior clans favoured by the Ho family.


The Ho family owns the Go S’tenai Quarries and their marble has been a limitless source of wealth for four generations. They also have a navy based in Keeling of 75 warships, and a merchant marine of 30 ships.   Additionally, the Tan family of the "Three Sisters" islands have two fleets of 30 warships and 48 merchant vessels. They work with the Ho family to monopolize water trade.
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