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Tiny Packages

  Halflings stand at an average of three feet tall and 40 to 45 pounds. Their skin tones range from tan to pale with a ruddy hue, and their hair is usually a shade of brown or dark or dirty blonde. Their diminutive stature makes them appear harmless and easily forgettable, and they are just fine with that. People often assume halflings aren't very bright, but the truth is they just prefer simple pleasures and aspirations. They have no problems working and living in the background, as long as they get to enjoy life.  

Hearth and Home

  Along with gnomes, this small people are actually cousins of dwarves. The three even once shared a common language, though it has gradually shifted into three distinctly separate ones over the millennia. Halflings are the homier of the trio of cultures. They excel at brewing and baking, farming and feasting, stories and histories. They seem to have an instinctive knack for agriculture and some of the largest and most successful farms are operated by halflings. It's unclear if this talent for farming stemmed from a love of food or vice versa, but halflings adore good food and drink and take great pride in their culinary and brewing skills.  

Larger Than Life

  Despite being one of the shorter lived races, halflings are well known for keeping extensive histories not only on themselves but on as much of the world as they can. Unfortunately, these histories are almost always orally kept. While they certainly have a written language and use it often, halflings have an avid love of stories and view history as another kind of story. And, as the halfling saying goes, “Stories are best kept written on the ears.” For halflings, the inevitable changes that come with successive retellings of any story help keep that story alive, even if the story is supposed to be historical fact. Halflings are often considered an almost insufferably affable race; looking on the bright side appears to be in their blood. They will find any excuse to celebrate with food and drink and song and dance. They tend to dwell in the hills further from the mountains of their dwarven cousins, instead of the main foothills.

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