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Closely associated with the Uklidnit Pastvina tribe from the southern prairies, kouzelina'kevtina, commonly called 'stormweed', is a medium-sized evergreen shrub that is sometimes left behind after a spherestorm dissipates. These plants can only be harvested in the minutes following a spherestorm and is integral to many of the cultural rites of the Hrom'Rachot tribe. Some members of the Rumblechaser clans know how to predict which storms will produce the effects required for kouzelina'kevtina, commonly called 'stormweed', to manifest and nobody outside their close-knit culture ever has the opportunity to learn, or even observe the process.
Following from a safe distance, the clan hunters will follow a nearby spherestorm and gauge how long it will last before moving in to scavenge anything useful that may be left behind - prioritizing items that require immediate attention such as stormweed, that can't survive on Kaos or materials that dissipate, are absorbed, or evaporate. The basic components of the plant that quickly depreciate after the storm ends are collected and preserved as quickly as possible.
The plant itself shares many of the same physical characteristics of common shrubs; they have stiff wooden stems and mid-density, dark green folliage. Most grow to approximately 1m in height before the decomposition begins and have 6-14 stems that support the buds and with a strong, leafy base. Their natural life-cycle is still nearly a complete mystery since so far it's been impossible to observe stormweed anywhere other than during the fallout of a spherestorm.
Only found in the minutes after a spherestorm, these flowering shrubs experience their entire life-cycle in less than an hour once the storm that somehow deposited them dissipates. Despite not knowing exactly where the plants come from, the tribesfolk of the plains have made some logical assumptions about where the plants come from and why they seem to cling to any possible surface left by the spherestorms.
One common theory among the grasslanders is that the plants are actually an invasive species that has overwhelmed their natural habitat and pushes through the overlapping Spheres during a spherestorm. That could be why they take root in anything even slightly porous, unlike regular plant-life that needs soft, fertile soil. These foreign plants are able to sprout on solid stone and even use other plants as 'host' while growing overtop of the still-living plants and cannibalizing them.
This specific type of plant cannot survive on Kaos but is commonly found after a spherestorm. It's still widely unknown to the wider world but the Hrom'Rachot have been harvesting it for centuries. It isn't known when exactly it was discovered to have metaphysical properties but the Rumblechasers have kept their knowledge of how to safely harvest the useful parts of the plant a secret.

Common Usage

The most prevelant use of the resources the plant offers is to dry the leaves and crush them into a paste that is made by combining several other common herbs with the soft fleshy material found in the stem of the same plant. For this use both elements must be prepared within minutes of a spherestorm dispersing but once ready can be safely consumed days or even weeks later if stored properly. The paste and powder are only combined immediately before ingestion.
These concoctions are powerful stimulants that enhance the physical abilities of humans who injest it, like a rush of adrenaline that mostly keeps your mind clear. The Rumblechasers are well known for their berserker warriors but most do not know where the tradition originates or that it's effects are completely manufactured.
Among the grasslanders nearly all parts of the plant are used and can be treated or prepared in specific ways to meet a multitude of needs. Some are merely ritualistic traditions but most have some kind of health benefit for the participants.

Basic Information

Growth Rate & Stages

Within minutes of a spherestorm dissipating these fast-growing plants can sprout from any semi-viable surface. It takes less than a minute for them to reach maturity and within another 5-10 minutes they begin to rot. Some members of the Uklidnit tribe have learned how to preserve many parts for various uses by drying the leaves, as an example, and are loathe to let any part of these rare ingrediants spoil.


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