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The Honko River

The Honko River, also known as the blood-stained river, is one of the longest rivers within The Kantinus. The river is located within a vast desert in the center of the continent of Elfas. Because of this, the river has had many empires and tribes along it throughout history.

Fauna & Flora

Though many plants and animals live all along the Honko River the Zavado is one of the few animals worth discussing. The Zavado is a species of snake that lives by the Honko river. It has a bright red and black pattern all along its body that ends in a red, skull-shaped spot on its head. This common pattern has caused the snake to become a symbol for the river as a whole and the Honkota people, the modern descendants of many warrior nations

Natural Resources

The Honko river contains large amounts of Iron, Copper, and Gold throughout, particularly at the mouth. This has caused the river to export these metals in high amounts, causing many disputes and several wars with the mines located in the mountain that feeds the Honko river itself.


The Honko river has had many battles waged along its banks. Because of this the myths surrounding gods of war and death associated with the river have become more commonly believed and a resurgence of Honkotism has happened  


One place along The Honko River where it's history shows is the city of Kanom. The existence Kanom has been recorded for thousands of years, and the city's age shows in the widely different architecture styles that make up the city with archaic bathhouses and grand halls made of marble and gold sitting mere streets from each other. These many different buildings are also built on top of nearly a dozen islands that make up the city center and the banks the form the rest of Kanom.
Alternative Name(s)
The Blood Stained River
Location under

A Blood Stained God

During the sunset and evening, it is widely recorded that The Honko River becomes a deep red due to the angle of the light. This has caused many cultures that once lived around the river to believe that a war or death deity or spirit dwelled in the river.   The most common of these stories, and the only one part of a still practiced religion, is the story of the God Mantin, a deity of war, blood, and the water. Mantin is said to dwell below the water, in the realm of war and death, and as souls of warriors enter through the water, it is painted a deep red with their blood.

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Sage RandoScorpio
11 May, 2022 20:37

Your cover image is very evocative! The bright vegetation along the shores is a beautiful contrast with what looks like a desolate landscape. I’d be interested if there are species that are only found in this stretch of greenery, or plants that have different properties than ones that look similar in other areas of the world?   Cool river!

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11 May, 2022 22:17

This is a really interesting start! I'd be interested to know more about the area around the river. Such as the plants, animals, and surrounding scenery. I would also like to know more about the myths believed by the locals. If you expand a bit more on these ideas, I think you'd have a spectacular article. Hope to see more!

Check out my article for the competition if you have the time! Vuolas River
16 May, 2022 20:43

Hol' up! This article just opens up the Pandora's lid of curiosity with the mentioned battles, gods and... a religion? I want more information on all of this, it seems really cool!

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17 May, 2022 14:14

Usually when I read an article this short, I think "okay, good start; it'd be great once it's fleshed out a bit more."   This is not one of those times. Honestly, just knowing that the Honko is nicknamed 'the blood-stained river' and that it's dotted with deposits of prime metals tells me pretty much everything I need to know.   Great Article!!   ----------------------------------------------------------------   Feel free to check out my Rivers/Waterways entry: Loch Mesner

3 Jun, 2022 09:44

A cool myth related to the red color the water can have. Does that god belong to the Honkotism religion?

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