My people. No matter where you find yourself the creature known as Condor, you find us, the Condarians. One of the two intelligent races on the creature. They are herbivores and know for there determination and ability to survive where they were not supposed, if the elements had anything to say about it. They truly are something else, developing societies and conquering nature.

Basic Information

Anatomy & Morphology

A humanoid creature standing around 5,7 on average. They can be easily recognized by there smooth bare skin, with a greenish hue. Their dark eyes fill a big part of there heads, and their tiny mouths are nearly impossible to spot for a fare. There are two varieties of the spices. One female and one male. The males can be recognized by the appendages sticking out to the sides of there shoulders, and their small stinger on the there lower back. The females are known for their fins sticking out of there heads, that are unique depending on the individual, and the opening in there into there stomach. Females tend to be more muscular.  

Condarian sexes
by Trashsan

Genetics and Reproduction

Around once a year, a Condarian will enter a period of heat, where they feel the need to reproduce, within this period is the only time the female is fertile. The reproductive progress is straightforward. The female jumps on the back of the male, inserting the stinger into her opening located on her stomach. Stimulating the stinger will cause it to eject a lime-green fluid inside the female. The female will start developing a bulge on her back within the next 144 hours, and after 2 walking cycles it will have grown exponentially/ It will tear open. and an up to three children are born. Favoring male, there is 20% to 80% chance this child will be female or male.

Growth Rate & Stages

After being born the child will be around 20 inces in height and 8 pounds. It will grow to half it's full size within 5 walking cycles, and at there 15. cycle most will be fully grown, and considered an adult. They will pretty much stay physically unchanged until reaching old age, around their 60th cycle, when they start losing theri smooth apprence, and their greeish hue will start turning gray. Death comes within the next 10-30 years useally if they reach this stage.

Dietary Needs and Habits

The average died of the species is a mix of vegetables and fruits, but fungi, nuts, and extreme cases; seaweed, are known to be consumed by the Condarians. They have developed many different ways of preserving the food. depending on the culture or area.

Additional Information

Average Intelligence

A Condarian's intelligence is on average 100, but there are cases of members scoring all the way up to 180 or as low as 60-70.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

The spices are able to communicate by word of mouth, expanding the tiny mouth to enhance the volume of there voice. They have dark eyes are covered by a hard material that works as natural shades against the long or endless, periods of sunlight on Condor. They feel everything there smooth skin comes in contact with.

Civilization and Culture

Common Taboos

The reproductive organs are almost universally considered to be something you should keep hidden out in public.

Scientific Name
Condor Xisigh (Walkers of Condor)
Around 80 years.
Average Height
males go around 5,7, and females go around 5,9.


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