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Klarice's Uniform

Written by Dethraux

Hello and welcome to Klarice's Family-Owned Magical Jewlery shop!

We specialize in magical artifacts made right here in Valexi! Oh, you're asking about our uniforms? Well, that's quite a story....

Check out the rest of this page, or see the below video for more information:

From left-to-right you'll see the last 3 generations of this uniform beginning with Grandma Anette Basset, Kayline Basset-Grós and Clara Grós.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

The outfit follows a pattern of:
  • White top/blouse for women or collared shirt for men
  • A black corset for women or vest for men
  • A pink skirt for women or pink slacks for men
  • Black or brown flats for both men and women
  It's important to note that the sleeves tend to get shorter, the neckline lower and the skirts shorter with every generation. Clara, the youngest family member, is the only one in the family who wears boots or any headwear(Her Berret).

Manufacturing process

First you take measurements! Let me tell you, measurements are important. You don't want to end up like Auntie Adele with her misshaped outfit. Then you cut out the fabric and pin it together before sewing! Make sure to cut off any stray threads!
When you get to the corset you will need to use the gromet puncher so you can lace the ribbon through it. You will also need to use boning in the corset! To do this part ask your parent for help making the 'sleeves' for the boning to slide into.

Grandma Anette's blouse type has elastic in the sleeves to give them that poof! Usually you need elastic in the waistband of the skirt, but if you're Clara you just sew it straight and the straps connect the skirt so that it stays on.

Shoes had be purchased as until Mamma Kayline married into the Grós family there wasn't anyone who had the skills to make shoes. Clara's were made by her dad and designed to protect her feet both when she plays with her friends and when she eventually goes on to be an adventurer.


It's a long-time tradition of the Basset family to wear pink as a symbol of the family's history with love and romance. This stems back to great great great pappy, Klarice Basset, the founder of Klarice's magical jewlery shop. He was greatly in love with a girl with bright pink hair whose father was not impressed by Klarice's artificer ways. Klarice, determined to win her hand, went on an adventure to obtain an incredibly rare metal and forged it into a ring for his beloved. Amazed by Klarice's detication as well as the quality of the jewlery, his new bride's father helped Klarice set up his own shop to sell magical jewlery in the city of Valexi. In an attempt to emulate his wife's beautiful hair, Klarice donned bright pink slacks and helped his children sew their own bright pink uniforms before passing on the shop and tradition.
Item type
Clothing / Accessory
Current Holder
Subtype / Model
Related ethnicities
Very Rare! You can only get this at Klarice's in Valexi.
It is a right of passage to make your own uniform so that it fits the person
Base Price
Free, your parents will provide the materials for you
Raw materials & Components
The white tops are made out of a polyester-cotton usually.
The corsets and vests are made out of a thicker cotton with a thick lining and boning to keep them upright. Clara's is different in that she uses her mage hand to tie it in the back rather than in the front.
The skirts and pants are made out of a soft cotton and don't wrinkle very easily! Clara's skirt flares the way it does because it's wrapped like a kilt instead of gathered at the top the way the uniform has been for generations. The 3 black straps on her skirt are leather.
Socks are usually not worn, as most family members wear black or brown leather flats, heels or mary-janes depending on the personality of the wearer. Clara is the only family member to wear boots and they were a gift from her father, Petr, who comes from a long family line of cobblers. She wears sheer thigh-high socks as an attempt at modesty as well as to draw the boy she like's eye to her thighs.

Clara also wears a white beret and a black choker, these are not uniform-approved and upsets her aunt greatly.
A sewing machine, a gromet puncher, cobbler tools, scissors, a seam ripper, a ruler and a bit of love!

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8 May, 2021 01:02

I'd say this is a good start; I can already see your big-brain energy at work and this is the first time in a good while I've seen an article I can describe as "fun." As someone who also uses videos in articles, I am glad to see another person using them to add just a bit more where words cannot.   Welcome to the community and good luck, yo.

8 May, 2021 01:20

Thank you! I had a lot of fun making it! (^_^) The video is inspired by my favorite anime, Cardcaptor Sakura! I really liked when the character at the end would talk about the outfit of the episode and I wanted to do that for Clara's take on the outfit ^^

Eternal Sage AmélieIS
Amélie I. S. Debruyne
8 May, 2021 09:13

Nice article! I like that you've written it from an in-world perspective :D I was just briefly confused as the narrators addresses a child :p Who is the audience? The next generation of the family who is going to have to sew their own uniform soon?   I like all the details about the confection of the outfit and the history behind it :D   Great work with the video and drawings!

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8 May, 2021 14:26

Thank you! I think because of the way the boxes were split up I wrote for 2 audiences now that I'm rereading(I have ADHD so I see why I came to that conclusion at the time now that it's been a day ^^;;) so the 1st bit before the video the audience would be the person coming to the page/anyone, and then the rest of it is more of an instructional guide for those who are born into the Basset family line/the next generation.   If you'd like to be the audience of the rest of the article, Clara has an Aunt whose single!

11 May, 2021 20:56

Very nice idea to use a video for your article! It really give the article the anime feel :) The article had a fun writing style as well. Well done!

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12 May, 2021 16:04

Thank you!! :D

24 May, 2021 23:05

XD Child labour laws XD Yeah, that would be a tough part yes.

30 May, 2021 22:47


29 May, 2021 16:49

I love the video! It serves as a really great introduction to the outfit. The outfit also looks quite nice, and the progression from each different generation is very interesting to see. Clara’s personality shines quite clearly with her version of the outfit, and the tone of the article is great as well. I love the mention of this poor Aunti Adele and her misshapen outfit! Really great article!

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30 May, 2021 22:48

Thank you!! :D It was a lot of fun to make!

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E. Christopher Clark
12 Jun, 2021 17:54

Great piece overall, and nice touch including a video!

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