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Internal Affairs Comittee (IAC)

The Internal Affairs Committee (IAC, often colloquially pronounced “Yak”), is a department of the government of the Fifth Ksamnang Republic that is tasked with monitoring the populace, uncovering evidence of dissent, and gathering intelligence to be used by the state, which in reality extends also to more involved operations. Granted special powers by the government for the maintenance of public order, the Internal Affairs Committee possesses the right to pry into any aspect of life, and to interrogate almost anyone. There is even a division whose duty it is to monitor the Senate.

Common methods employed in surveillance by the IAC include stationery and drone-borne cameras, bugging equipment, monitoring and manipulation of identity documents, work and travel permits, and similar information


The IAC is organized into semi-autonomous cells to limit the knowledge of the Committee available to any one member except for its highest echelons.

We must save the people from themselves

Secret, Governmental arm
Parent Organization

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