Kaliij Song of the World

Created by

Writers Team

Have you ever said or thought something, and had it come true? Did you think that you were responsible for the change? Or maybe you thought something out there heard you? In Kaliij, there is always someone listening...

  A world that is still reeling from an empire's fractured demise, a world that is full to bursting with vibrant wilderness and equally colourful peoples, this is Kaliij.   Even now, there are lights in the sky and deep below the waves, and though many are optimistic that each of the many factions that vie for power can cooperate, those same organizations have other ideas.   From the soaring peaks to the windblasted steppes, over gently rolling hills and through lush jungles, even among majestic castles and bustling towns, Kaliij's story is unfurling. Will you be the first to take up her song?