Content Warning System

Not every article is meant for every reader, or every reading environment. I want to protect people from running into topics that are...
  • inappropriate for their age,
  • not safe for work,
  • triggering personal trauma,
  • not to their taste,
  • or undesirable for other reasons, such as their current mood.
  This is why I'm marking certain article links or world sections with icons to indicate the type of content. Additionally, colors may show the severity of the content warning.  

The Warning Categories

contains disgusting topics
contains sexual topics
contains blood, gore or body horror
contains mental health topics
contains substance abuse
contains suicide
contains racism
contains homophobia, transphobia and related topics
contains real-world religions
contains slavery or mind control
contains torture or organized abuse
contains war

Levels of Severity

mild - comparable to PG-13 or below
serious - for adults only

Concluding Remarks

  • Hovering over the icons will bring up their meaning. So if you don't remember what an icon stands for, can't see the color properly or have other problems identifying the warning, you can read its tooltip.
  • Keep in mind that I am not professionally trained in rating content! I may miss cases where warnings are necessary or misjudge their severity. Feel free to point out if a linked article needs a particular warning.
  • You can suggest additional warning categories on the Library's discussion boards: Feedback Needed: Content Warning Indicators
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