Ghoa (magic)

Natural Ghoa

  Each life form has an affinity to a Reln. Species and individuals have their own control, manifesting in special ways. A drake can breath fire or some force akin to mur due to their natural ghoa, while a solumkerd are able to move through the ground with the ease of a fish in water.   While creatures have more affinity for one reln over another, this is not to say they can not control other relns. A humi might be able to enter another’s mind but are also able to bend stone at their touch. There essentially is no limit to what life is able to accomplish, but it takes a conceded effort to manipulate a reln one or ones species is not built for.  


Each individual has their own personal talent, a personal representation of the control of a reln. This manifests in very specific ways, these personal abilities being Nya. The specificities and limitations of one’s nya vary wildly. Some may just be stronger than others of their species while others can create webs of metal they generate from their nails but only during the early night in the sixth month of the year. Because ones nya can be so specific, some beings go their whole lives without discovering what it might be.

While rare, some beings have more than one nya. One may be able to create balls of fire as well as filling others with joy if shown a yellow flower.

70% only have one reln they have control over
25% are Awooharl (2 Reln)
4% are Daooharl (3 Reln)
1% are Ashooharl (4 Reln)
>%1 are Faooharl (5 Reln)
Only one being (Defza) is an Anooharl (6 Reln)


A manifestation of one’s inner self. While it usually is a fractal of a design, one can focus it to be an aesthetic for an object, a single item of its form, or one aspect of the whole. One’s Aiul has all reln as apart of it, one’s aura, smell, taste, form, color, etc.  

Honed Ghoa

  As with toning your muscles or your singing voice, you can hone your ability to manipulate reln. You can learn to conjure fire, become faster, create illusions, telepathy, telekinesis, healing, invisibility, digging/flying/swimming/running speed and/or efficacy, stone skin, enhanced perception, and so on.

Forms of ghoa that do not come natural to the species or individual can be extremely hard to execute. Humi, with time and effort, are able to fly, but would take decades to interpret it then yet more to execute it. With this, one will never be as proficient at something as someone with their nya, even more so if they train that ability. Still, one can train themselves to be better than others, or even better than someone with a nya but untrained. Learning ghoa from less dominant relns can be strenuous to the point of failure for some. A humi may, through years of learning and practice, be able to fly, but the effort they must extrude is far far greater than that of a bird or insect.

One’s use of a ghoa, such as telepathy, is built up through understanding, technique, natural gift/ instinct, and effort (both physical and spiritual). A ghoa, such as swimming or flight, are able to be taught from one to another. With word, action, and thought, a teacher can lend aid for the understanding portion of a ghoa. The user must still master it themselves, but having knowledge of what they are doing enhances their likelihood of success.

In addition to self betterment, one's surroundings also play a role in the use of ghoa. If you intake more air, water, or earth those elements become apart of you and thus would increase your affinity for that reln. Or if one channels through an object, you gain that objects properties for one’s ghoa.

Ways to hone one's Ghoa

these are but a few
Heavy concentration
An item (usually infused with Murn)



  Suz nya are much more common than dax (the Aoreln themselves, their Nureln charge are preaty even in how easy they are to manipulate). Space is much easier to warp than time.
  Physical transformation is fairly difficult. Most produce illusions to the senses, a far easier means of changing one's shape rather than actually changing their physical form.
  You may be able to him from sight but you need to also hide your aura to be properly hidden.
  Cloning of one's body and or soul is a taboo but does exist in nya, ghoa, or (on the black market) murn.
Ghoaha (sage): one who is greatly experienced in their learning of Ghoa. They are capable of using many forms of Ghoa as second nature, and are respected by most for their dedication and abilities. They are more than one who has learned to use Ghoa, they are one who has control over Ghoa as a any has control over their nya.

Genetics: One’s Nyuha Reln affinity is related to genetics. If a mother and a father both have Kag Nyuha, their child is most likely to also have a Kag Nyuha. This also affects what the Nyuha does, two parents who are able to redirect light from their bodies will likely have a offspring who can do the same or similar. As life is a combination of all Reln, it’s not set in stone what any ones Nyuha will be, just a likelihood.

Aura: One's aura is unique to each person and can also emit emotion. One's aura is a unique feeling one could only describe as an aura; intangible and imperceptible but from the sixth sense. An aura also has a feeling of color. The aura usually emanates from the person, but one can hide it by reducing its size and emanation strength.

Telekinesis & Telepathy: Telepathy without proper consent is frowned upon by most Oql and Rela. Children of all walks of life build mental gates to shield themselves from unwanted telepathy. Most telepathy is felt by the recipient (as one would feel another touching them). Because of this, other creatures and wrong-doers are constantly trying to cloak their intrusion. Telekinesis is akin to an extra limb for the creature. It has no physical presence, thus can move things in more novel ways such as an orb of water or from behind a wall. Most only have one “tendril” they can use to lift things, unable to lift two things far apart from each other (though some are able to use multiple tendrils, such as some creatures having more limbs than another). The strength and area of the tendril is also on a Oo by Oo basis, everyone able to grow in strength.


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