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Brought into life to provide for the image of the Gods, Kalartan is a lush world, with a range of lands, species, animals and plant life.   While many parts of the world are harsh, bringing strength through survival, much beauty can also be found.   Life constantly battles for survival on Kalartan, even during the most peaceful of eras, darkness can be found. Magic flows throughout the world, creating life and wonder, while also bringing about destruction and horrors.

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  • Map of Crÿeli

    The official map of Crÿeli, including all realms, notable settlements and iconic locations throughout the lands.

  • Map of Kalartan

    The entire world of Kalartan, placed and mapped onto a scroll large enough to cover even the largest of dinner tables. The world map of Kalartan denotes the major continents of Kalartan, with islands and lands of notable importance.