The Enduran War

Era beginning/end

47 — 0 BT (Before Taming)

The Taming officially came to an end with The Battle of Mandor, the last great battle between the forces of light and dark known as the Enduran War.

Despite the growing power of the Children, demon-spawn in the western arm of the Enduran mountains still staged raids into their lands. A caravan carrying the princess Althea of Elan — a leading city-state of the emerging kingdom — fell afoul of one such attack. Althea was on her way to marry the prince of a sister city, and her capture and enslavement by the Hellmen enraged and united the Endurians into a crusade for retribution.

The fighting that ensued was long and bloody, and it laid waste to much of Enduria. The Children and their enemies forged ever expanding alliances, each fearing that the escalating attacks and counter-attacks presaged a war of extermination against them by the other. By its end every major power in the continent had been drawn into the conflict.

The might of the Children, once fully united — for the first time since the Great War, which by then was only remembered in legend — surprised everyone, themselves included. It also left little doubt as to the outcome. The Enduran War ended with the overwhelming defeat, and the scattering and near elimination, of their ancient foes.

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