Drina's floatship

This is a small floatship, with no dedicated sleeping area, as the living area doubles up for that. A floatship was one of the first large expenses Drina made when expanding her business beyond the stall in Wolfport where she started. She has now had it for fifteen summers, but has cared for it well.  

Floatship exterior

  As with all floatships it is long and thin, designed to hover above the ground with a group of musicians providing the power. The bottom of the ship is flat, so it can rest on the ground, and the sides curve up from that. Unlike some other floatships, this one has a stand, so it can rest without a hitching post.   There is ample space for the players to sit on the front decks, and a small back deck allows entry to the central covered area. Both decks have steps which allow travellers onto the roof if they wish, though there is no railing to prevent falls. Often the roof is covered with crates and goods, firmly tied down to prevent slippage.   The main structure of the floatship is well-polished wood, with three small windows on each side of the central area. When travelling over winter they cover the exterior of the covered area in woollen rugs and throws, in order to insulate it better.  

Floatship interior

  Inside the covered area is three rooms - the first is a mixed seating and sleeping area. It has a warm honey-coloured wood bench running along one side, covered in worn cushions, with a table in front. This is where Drina and her son Haydn sleep, so the table and benches transform into beds.   Next to that is a small galley kitchen, and at the end is an office area. Valuable goods are kept within the office while parked up, but most are stowed either on the roof, or on the rear deck while travelling.  
Drina's floatship
The layout of Drina's floatship


  All floatships are powered by music, and practitioners from the Conservatoire are contracted to Drina for a set length of time. This particular model is small enough to be powered by a master and two sectional Conservatoire┬ámembers, one of which must be a conductor. They sit on the front deck playing and the conductor gathers that power to lift the floatship off the ground, propel it forward, and to steer.  


  Drina owns the floatship, and her son Haydn travels with her. Alongside she hires two players and a conductor to provide propulsion, and two or three guards for security.   When visiting a village, or larger place, the players would sleep in the Music house in that place. If the group camp out over night then the players have a tent construction to build over the front deck to make it weatherproof, so they can sleep on there.   The guards travel alongside by horse, and sleep sleep under the sides of the floatship. Unless the weather is really bad in which case they sleep in the corridor inside the central area of the floatship.
Drina is a trader, based in Wolfport, but she travels across the whole of Kaitstud. Her main mode of transport is her floatship.

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