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Recycled Chromium

Recycled chromium is created by melting down and recycling metal salvage containing chromium, such as stainless steel or chrome-plated items. It became a popular metal with the Sanctuary City elite, who use it for decorative trims and other items in their homes.   After The Disaster, most mining operations ended and metals for new projects was obtained via salvage operations from the old, dead towns and cities that were scattered across Amrisa. Metals collected from these salvage runs was melted down and reused for other purposes. Chromium represents one of the rarer metals found in salvage operations, though it could often be found as plating on certain decorative items and in stainless steel. Due to its brittleness, chromium was not considered especially useful for engineering projects after The Disaster, and it often collected in the recycling centers without being put to use.   Recycled chromium was popularized by the sculptor, Cyris Amar, who used recycled chromium as plating on the statue of Kate Wendall that was placed in Dreia & Leda Plaza in Sanctuary City in 94 AD. The result was a beautifully polished, reflective surface that seemed to never lose its glow. This statue kicked off a trend among the elite, who raced to commission Amar to create all kinds of statues to adorn their homes. In time, other artists adopted the practice of using recycled chromium and began to offer expensive jewelry, eating utensils, vases, light fixtures, and many other decorative items.   The increase in demand for chromium led to new salvage operations being formed for the sole purpose of gathering items containing chromium. This represents a significant shift in thinking since earlier salvage operations had primarily focused on salvaging necessary items over luxury goods.

by Atoma

Recycled Chromium is often salvaged from pre-Disaster vehicles abandoned in old towns and cities.

  A recycled chromium waterpot from a private greenhouse in Sanctuary City.

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Cover image: by Sayshara


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10 Dec, 2020 16:50

I love this idea of turning an everyday material into the luxury / prestige material of the post-apocalypse!

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10 Dec, 2020 18:27

Thanks! Sanctuary City citizens are pretty reverent about the past and tend to highly prize items that incorporate it in some way.

11 Dec, 2020 18:22

I love how the nature of the Disaster meant that salvage is the way to get most of the materials, and I enjoy that chromium has become a luxury item because it's not useful for engineering.

11 Dec, 2020 20:56

Thanks for the comment! I believe that the Engineering Corps was focused on acquiring steel or rare metals (gold and silver) to maintain infrastructure and pre-Disaster technologies. I guess they weren't interested in also making their engineering projects look nice.

Rafael Martin
15 Dec, 2020 13:07

It's cool to see "salvaging", somethign that usually the poor do, becomming THE thing to create luxury goods. Also a side note: I love that your links are in this "scifi digital blue". I don't know if the change in font was intended but hovering quickly give sit a "flicker" effect. That gives the links a very digital futuristic feel. Nice :D

15 Dec, 2020 16:13

Thanks for the comment! I guess for the elite families of Sanctuary City, owning recycled chromium is a bit like rich people in the real world getting excited over ancient antiquities. ;)   Regarding the link color, I'm currently using a slightly modified version of the Area 51 theme on WA. I haven't messed with the link colors yet though, as they seem like a pretty good fit for my AI-powered encyclopedia. :) I'm glad you like it!

Rafael Martin
16 Dec, 2020 10:09

That's a good comparison :)   It does! When you hover quickly it looks like flickering. Such a good effect for a digital theme :D

Sage Dylonishere123
R. Dylon Elder
16 Dec, 2020 04:35

Well done. I like the theme of it, and it really drives home how something so simple could become much more valuable if it suddenly wasnt being made.

16 Dec, 2020 15:49

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed the article. :)