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Leda Flamewalker

Leda Flamewalker is best known for her role in the Dreia and Leda Expedition (74-77 AD). Together with Dreia Sharp, she led a group of Discovery Corps explorers across The Wilds to search for other human survivors who may have lost contact with the Library during the Age of Anarchy. After the expedition arrived at the ruined city of Gromont, they split into two groups. One stayed to explore Gromont while the other continued the mission to find survivors. Leda led the second group further into Eastern Amrisa, until they eventually made contact with New Haven in the Settlement Lands.   Leda is considered by many to be a hero for her role in reaching the Settlement Lands. In The Wilds, the expedition faced many dangers- from weather, collapsed ruins, Great Wolves and Wanderer Camps. It is said that Leda's physical prowess and skills in combat saved the expedition from disaster on many occasions.   Upon reaching New Haven on the border of the Settlement Lands, Leda tried to broker an agreement with the village leaders for future cooperation. However, the New Haven residents were suspicious of the explorers, and especially Leda's Augment abilities. They could not understand how the people of Sanctuary City would allow an Augment to lead the expedition. In the end, the expedition was forced to leave without making much diplomatic progress. However, her efforts are still remembered as noteworthy, as it proved that many Amrisians survived The Disaster outside of Library lands, and paved the way for future expeditions into the Wilds.

Physical Description

Special abilities

Leda is an Augment with both Firestarter and Physik traits. This rare combination of Augment abilities gave her resistance to heat, telepathic thermal induction, as well as increased reflexes, stamina, and strength. These abilities served her and her fellow travelers well during the Dreia and Leda Expedition.
Date of Birth
1 Vosender, 55 AD
55 AD 112 AD 57 years old
Biological Sex
Other Affiliations

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Cover image: by Sayshara
Character Portrait image: by Sayshara


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Leda sounds like a really interesting character, and her adventures sound fascinating. Great answer to the prompt!

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