The Stacks

The Stacks is a group of independent researchers, adventurers, and @curators[profession] who uncover information and send it back to the Libraries of Kairas.


Locations of Libraries in the world:

  1. The Great Library - Olita
  2. Library of the Woods - Brightcastle Woods
  3. Library of the Forest - Malarrior Forest
  4. Library of the Mountains - The Laughing Mountains
  5. Library of the North - Light Tipped Mountains
  6. Library of the Isle - Borealis Isle
  7. Library of the Dead - The Ethereal Rise
  8. Library of the Sky - Cloud Peak
  9. Library of Ash - The Bellowing Mountains
  10. The Library in the North - Destroyed by fire. Replaced by a magical library. Light Tipped Mountains
  11. The Library of Endurance - removed - Everlasting Steppes
  12. The First Library, The Library of Kaira - lost - Origin of Auberon

Public Agenda

Find out new information and send the information back to the Libraries.

Being well read is being well prepared.

Research, Think Tank
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