Session 9 | Dirty Twenty Report - Pig Wrestling & Festivals | 18 Protection 972 TS

General Summary

We head to the Broken Dagger Inn - an adventurer’s tavern/inn - to see if we can find Sir Noble. We enter the inn and we see Sir Noble at the bar, in polished armor. He is happy to talk (and drink) but seems cagey about his history. He does say that the North is cold and regimented and they want things under lock and key, and that nothing can fly over the wall. Bjorn pulls out a symbol and Sir Noble seems confused. Noble tells us that there is a nice red dragon down south (he), and a rainbow one with a temper lives above the jungle (they). We go back to the cake baking competition, with four contestants and three judges. One of the judges is Bota , Meliori brother. The competitors are Rosalina, a lady all in purple who bakes with lilac; Tyler, a focused boy who bakes with plum raisins; Alfonso, a tall smiling showman with a beard who bakes with hay; and Gia, and a dour-faced old woman who bakes with a secret ingredient. They put cake batter in boxes and wait a minute, and then pull out fully done and decorated cakes. Gia wins handily and we all try the cake. Kaiya pulls Bota aside and asks if they can talk more privately, and she tells him she’s an ambassador. They agree to talk later.   Liruhu notices a human in the market is staring at us; he asks if Liruhu has any thunder, which she denies.   We head back to the Broken Dagger for the greased pig competition. We try to get Sir Noble drunk enough to let his secrets go. He talks about “The fools and I” roaming the mountains, the Spine. He likes Lady Endurance but doesn’t serve her; he’s a servant of the Constant Preserver - one of the twins, whose realm is the Malarrior Forest in the south. He researches the plants and biomes of new places and brings the information back to the Great Library. He’s a member of The Stacks .   The pig competition starts, with Bjorn and Delilah and others. Bjorn tries to punch the pig and misses, so he rages. His wild magic surge creates a spirit that runs into the wall and explodes, hurting Delilah, though the pig and Bjorn dodge. Liruhu casts lay on hands to get Delilah back up to full health, sensually. Raumo casts detect magic and sees that both Sir Noble and Delilah have magic items on. Bjorn gets disqualified when he pulls a chair leg off.   Delilah tries next, and she almost succeeds but falls and decides it’s not worth it. Liruhu throws her hat in the ring and quickly grabs the pig and holds on. She gives the prize pig to Bjorn, who has it roasted and then gives it out to the other patrons.   Kaiya asks Noble about the strange out of place bulette that they fought. He says that’s puzzling and he might need to do some research about it, adding that the Mother created bulettes. He also adds that he came back to Olita because of the keys - he found a key in SnowBush, and brought it back and he’s looking for another silver key somewhere, though he’s not sure he wants to keep traveling by himself. These keys go to a gate. SnowBush is a city that isn’t under anyone’s rule, south of the Light Tipped Mountains at the edge of the wood.   The Notice Board has a wanted sign of an older human woman, a new one that says “Join the Stacks! Discover the world and travel! Knowledge is treasure itself!” and then another one says, “Highly delicate and diplomatic escorts needed, money no object.”   Kaiya talks to Delilah, who is a party person from Borealis Isle. She introduces her companion Matthew, who “beats people.” Eventually Sir Noble passes out, and we carry him up to his room. Kaiya leaves a note that says, “Noble - I enjoyed speaking with you about your travels and about the unnatural creatures showing up where they shouldn’t that I told you about. Please come see me if you find out anything more, or if there’s any way I can help you with your own search. -your friend Kaiya”   Tomorrow is the day of the King, Day 4 is the Nightbringer and the Bright Justice. Bjorn says he is worried about the Flaming Mace showing up, though Raumo isn’t sure they’ll be here.   As we are walking towards the Great Library, suddenly everything seems to freeze. Liruhu and Raumo shrug it off and see a short, regal, brown-skinned woman with two dogs walking down the street and observing everything around her. She looks at a young woman and touches her face, and there’s a glow, and then she continues moving. They recognize her profile - she must be Lady Endurance. She touches a young boy as well. Raumo says, “Excuse me, my lady,” and asks about other structures related to the libraries. She responds, “Are you the one who would collect that that needs to be collected?” He says he could be, and when she asks, “Would you keep it for yourself?” he says no. She asks if he’d give it away if someone had need, and he says, “Yes.” She says she’s already answered and that he already knows the answer. She walks on, and Liruhu notices that his bag is glowing.   Lady Endurance stops in front of Bjorn and touches his cheek and a warm, bright glow emanates. Rauma casts detect magic and sees an aura (divination). Liruhu points out the glow in the backpack and Raumo pulls out the book from the library, which is much thicker now. Some of the new information in the book is about three libraries that are no longer around: the Library in the North, gone in a fire; the Library of Endurance, originally in Everlasting Steppes, disappeared; and the First Library, original location Kairas, disappeared.

Rewards Granted

Some XP!

Missions/Quests Completed

  • Stone Quarry Mission - in progress
  • The Emptied Labyrinth - in progress
  • Oh what a Monstrosity - in progress
  • The Crystal XXXX/Aura - in progress
  • Mystery Quest 2 - triggered

Character(s) interacted with

  • Delilah
  • Sir Noble
  • Lady Endurance
  • Bota
  • Gonta - former Bright Justice worshipper who moved to Olita. Runs a weapon shop and knows how to enchant weapons

Report Date
23 May 2020
Primary Location
Hearth previously Olita
Secondary Location
Everlasting Steppes


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