Session 8 | Dirty Twenty Report - Festivals & Libraries

General Summary

We take our carts over the bridge into the city of Olita, which is large, elegant, and well-sign-posted. We go to the Great Lyre inn and talk to Matria, the owner, who gives us rooms and lets us secure our carts out back. The town is getting ready for the Festival of Age with celestial symbols, text that Lady Endurance helped create. We wander into a small store called Alice’s Quill; Seychelle gets writing implements and a journal, and Kaiya gets old spell scraps. We go down the street to the Fox, owned by Alex Fox. Liruhu buys a bracelet of strength that he says fell on his head near Canhazy Rise. Bjorn buys a new scimitar, as does Raumo (who buys the Bright Justice scimitar). Raumo buys a ring of jumping as well. We buy some trinkets for each of the deities.   Pamphlet says two events have happened since the last Festival: Completion of the Gates of Justice (created by the Oathbreaker around the whole north) and the Creation of the First Spark.   Esther’s Pottery, volcanic kiln - small cup with flower.   Weapon shop - Gonta’s Blades. Bjorn buys a maul called Lifestealer. Raumo asks to have the enchantment on the Bright Justice scimitar moved to his rapier. Seychelle wants her great axe enchanted. Kaiya agrees to teach Heat Metal to Gonta in exchange for a scimitar. Kaiya identifies the Lifestealer.   The ladies make holes in the wall with a combination of sex rhythm thumping from Liruhu, “I like to watch!” from Seychelle, and raucous singing from Kaiya.   The next morning we get coffee/wine and breakfast sandwiches and head downtown to a garden. There’s a huge white and gold rune-covered gazebo in the garden. There are winged creatures at the front desk. We ask for information on the labyrinth, and Seychelle asks about hollyphants. Bjorn says he’ll go to the B section for Blabyrinths. We read two books on labyrinths and mazes. Raumo finds out that libraries are a creation of Lady Endurance and there’s one in each nation. They take on the environment and qualities/weather of that region but always hold the essence of that region by being a garden and a region of truth/knowledge. Some didn’t work out but all regions have a successful garden now. Raumo asks the librarian for more info on libraries that maybe didn’t end up successful; he gets a slim volume with gold celestial swirls on current libraries. He records the locations of all extant libraries - 9 of them.   We check back in with Gonta and she agrees to do the enchantment for Raumo’s rapier.   Libraries are run by the Stacks, leader is Meliori, creatures who run it are angels, called the Librarians. The angels, as with all celestials, all are under Lady Endurance. Meliori is responsible for the libraries and Lady Endurance created them.

Rewards Granted

Some sort of XP?

Missions/Quests Completed

Stone Quarry Mission - in progress The Emptied Labyrinth - in progress Oh what a Monstrosity - triggered The Crystal XXXX/Aura - in progress Mystery Quest 2 - triggered

Character(s) interacted with

Gonta - former Bright Justice worshipper who moved to Olita. Runs a weapon shop and knows how to enchant weapons Angels

Report Date
09 May 2020
Primary Location
Hearth previously Olita
Secondary Location
The Great Library


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