Session 13 | The Gang Goes to a Party to Die For - 3rd of Preservation 972 TS

General Summary

  • Rochelle has a dream about being at a party with cats and talks to a racoon
  • Everyone shops for attire
    • Rochelle gets a sketch book
    • The Gang goes to the party and meets Eliza
    • The Gang runs into Aster
    • Betra (the rival politician) is there, Aster speaks with her about Aster's for an old friend
    • Rochelle convinces Windstar that she is the third candidate
    • Gang meets Laurence and Attea in courtyard
      • Tree seems planted dead in courtyard
    • The Gang sees a human girl ghost in the courtyard and chases her down stairs
      • They chase her into a chamber with a coffin and she says that her brother is still here because of a deal with a devil, and she had an accident
      • Initiative!
Report Date
08 Sep 2020


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