Library of the Woods


Inside the Greenhouse   There are large waterlilly ponds with a stone path weaved around them in this large greenhouse. From inside you can see the breathtaking beauty of the woods around. There is a large wooden desk in front of you and a cloaked being at the desk scribbling. There is a bell on the desk.   There are tables that the being brings you to to read as they pull a book, a stack of books, whizzing to their hand from some wall or other away from them. There is a small unwatched room with dozens of books on shelves. The walls and ceiling are glass here too but much thicker. Here you can browse books yourself and take what you need. You can check out books with the palm of your hand.


Make it to the library to be greeted by a demure and cloaked Celestials . A luscious plot of grass is neighbored by flourishing bushes. A large greenhouse stands near the right edge of the garden, offering a plethora of more exotic species. The smaller flower bushes are pretty much overgrown, taken over by the other, bigger plants; they're a forest for ants. The bushes reach 1.5m/5ft high, but will reach far higher if they're allowed to. Here and there lies a stepping stone, leading people through the garden, and making sure all the best spots are marked. Plants and vines creep and crawl their way beyond their own borders, sneakingly trying to take just a little more land. The greenhouse is definitely the main attraction within this garden. The smaller flower bushes are hard to miss, and the bushes are surely a sight to behold, but the attention is always drawn to the greenhouse. You cannot see inside the greenhouse.

Owning Organization
The Stacks


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