A hollyphant looked like a tiny little flying elephant, about 2 feet (61 centimeters) in length, with golden fur and wings. Some who had encountered hollyphants claimed that their wings were golden like their fur; others insisted that the wings were shining white. Its small tusks appeared to be made of ivory. There seemed to be variety in their eye color. Some hollyphants had amber to glowing brown eyes. For others, their eyes displayed a rainbow of colors.   They also had an alternative form that they could take, that of a large, 12‑foot-tall (3.7‑meter), bipedal mastodon with shaggy, black fur, huge leathery wings, and massive curved tusks. In this form, they weighed about 1,200 pounds (540 kilograms).   In their small form, the golden fur of these elephantine creatures seemed to glow. Because of the aura surrounding one, any good creature observing a hollyphant felt a fondness toward it, while any evil creature felt immediate loathing and fear.   Some scholars made speculations that a hollyphant's appearance was a projection of some kind and that they were actually spirits with a different true appearance, since surely no creature would look so goofy in reality. Hollyphants took great offense at such an idea, and anyone who had ever looked upon them with true seeing saw only both of their elephantine forms simultaneously.   Hollyphants did not need to rely on natural means to survive. They required neither food nor drink, nor did they need to sleep. They could eat and drink, and they often did for fun.   A hollyphant's tusks, when removed, could be ground into a magical power that, when mixed with a beverage, acted as an elixir of health. Obviously, harvesting a hollyphant's tusks would be an act of evil!


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