Firemine previously Limerick

Notable Places:
  • Beatho's Carvings: The workshop of a male human woodcarver named Beatho.
  • The Shrine of Temptation: A stone niche enshrining an idol of The Wild, said to reveal visions to those who leave an offering.
  • The Pantheon of Gardens: A large stone-walled building, decorated with many holy symbols wrought in precious metals.
Additional Places:
  • Storage House
  • Ale House
  • Night Spells - a Spell shop dedicated as a temple to the night bringer, as well as a spell shop. The first floor is a spell shop, the 2nd floor is an open air temple (with an elemental barrier not allowing things in) to the Night Bringer as requested by Rochelle. Rochelle Agurgi 

Guilds and Factions

  • Iron Legacy - minder's guild
  • The Element Inn


Limerick was founded over 25 years ago when wanders from Louth searched for lands away from the cold and over the Laughing Mountains. They settled close to the mountains where it was warm but close enough to travel back to Louth in the span of a week. Small in number currently, they are growing. They were blessed by the Wild a decade or so into settling and found a mine which they begin to carve into, producing deep pockets of iron ore that they have since started exporting from The Wild's demesne.



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