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Hello dear reader! There are loads of ways you can get access to more content. There are quite a few public articles but if you want access to everything and see all my secrets then consider joining my patreon. Subscribers get additional access, secrets, and content to use in games like Dungeons and Dragons or Pathfinder. I update and create content regularly so don't miss out! Tiers start at a dollar a month and every penny goes to helping me further my career as an author and creator.  
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  $1 Scribe Librarian
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  • Dive into my world bibles (on World Anvil) with secrets (things the public can't see) turned on!
  • Cut scenes or short stories of specific scenes that didn't make the cut for my books (on World Anvil).
  • Sneak peeks into stories I'm working on (on World Anvil).
  • Access to Kairas Campaign setting materials (on World Anvil).
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  • A chapter-a-day of my upcoming book before it launches.
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  • Help me choose descriptions, names, and more for background characters in upcoming stories. It'll be a surprise when and where they will pop up but exciting! Polls will happen monthly.
  $20 Celestial Librarian
  • Scribe & Sage perks, aka all the bits!
  • Advanced reader copy (ARC) of upcoming books (paperback!)
  • You eternalized in a story! In a library, your adventures echo the halls or emblazoned on a spine. Or perhaps it's you in a winehouse, a silkworm farmhand, or arguing with giants!
  • Additional fun items that I may send out (with notice).


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