Castle Muse not Castle of Bright

Grounds. The grounds of the palace sit in the dense forest of the [Curious Woods. Brown and green tree roots intertwine with gray stone brick to give the grounds bumpy but wide-area coverage making the forest floor hard to traverse. A single path of bright green grass is woven through this foresty puzzle providing a clear and limited path to the palace before you. Surrounding the palace are tree trunks topped with rooms of glass and metal. The structures come to a point at the top, their tiled slated roofs allowing any way to drop off the sides onto the forest ground. These tree towers, for they indeed look like small towers, have windows that face the path. Inside you can see humanoid shapes and smaller round mechanical shapes like the messenger constructs seen daily in Erto.    Spell Dueling Arena. At the back of the palace property is a spell dueling arena. Here special high graded students of the academies are invited once a year to duel with each other and show off any spells they may have crafted themselves. Other times it is a place for the Muse to practice their work privately but out of the range of damaging the palace. Magic seals this arena from prying eyes unless granted to watch and there is a healing aura that works continuously in the space when any creature is inside of it.    Palace. The palace itself is a tall building capped by a green slated roof that matches the smaller towers surrounding it. On the roof, juts of metal beams stick out into the open air and on those metal beams sit round platforms, four of them. Whatever is on them sits open to the air and the elements, barely able to be seen by the hovering clouds.  The palace door is brass, metal, and stone. It is intricate and complex looking. The walls of the palace are made of stone with windows peppered from top to bottom somewhat haphazardly.  The door is manned by 2 constructs, feline shaped with open sides that you can see gears moving in but where the parts are powered is unclear. They are both silver and color and yawn and stretch and purr like any other feline. Their names are Peculiar and Bizzare but like they to go by Pec and Biz for short. They intend to answer all questions with a question but aren't actually guarding the door to keep people out.    First Floor Insider Entryway. Inside the entryway is a large wood and stone chamber. The elements of being inside a trunk play large in here but the lines of the tree are reinforced by bright glass that shines with dim light. All the glass together makes the entryway bright and warm. Here a more regular couple of guards stand at attention. For non-welcomed guests they will fight to the death for the Muse. For known guests, they nod and direct the flow of traffic inside the palace.  There is a large curved stairway that goes up from the center of the entryway. You can see walkways that connect it to the 2nd floor up and 6th floor. The walkway skips floors 3-5. There are 6 floors in all. For those who can't use the stairs there is an available levitation chamber that goes through each floor with seats and space for standing or some wheelchairs. This is controlled by the guards who use a rod of levitation. Rods of levitation can be loaned out to special guests or long term ones.      Library. The library here is small and are mostly made up of books written by students of the Forge or collected general works. It is more a place to meet guests that don't or shouldn't go farther into the palace. Be that it has a large sitting room with many chairs, large tables to discuss imporant matters over, etc.    Kitchen, Servant Quarters.    Second Floor Guest rooms. This floor is made entirely of guest rooms (5) and several lounge areas, meeting rooms (6).     Third Floor - Fifth Floor Private to the Muse. Bedroom, sitting chamber, bathrooms, teleporation circle, follower communication room, etc. No one is allowed in this area. The only people to bring the Muse items leave them outside the double doors for this area.    Sixth Floor - Open Air Platform Landing Open Air Platforms One - Spell Workshop - Littered with components, books, chalk, and writing utensils. Spellbook papers, etc.  Two - Constructs Workshop - Littered with wrenches, grease, stone/glass/metal, half formed creatures Three - Castle Forge - Blazing fires, 3 forges from small to large, manned by various people and constructs Four - Alchemy Lab - Vials, cauldrons bubbling, smells of pleasant odors and fishy smell. Papers and writing utensils strewn everywhere.
Parent Location
Erto (formely Gion)
Curious Muse


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