Bird On-board

The phrase "bird on-board" when used to refer to a leader or knowledgeable person means to pay respect to them.  

In History

Twin Forest Region

  Agritise in this area typically crafted out of wood small vessels with leaves to catch the wind of the roost. Each vessel had a large bird (a Tern) on top who was metaphorically tied to the vessel and its crew. With their powerful wings, they would help to direct the airflow needed to move in direction and speed. The fabric crafted of leaves would catch this air and the roost would call the direction to the bird through a series of communications. These vessels became known as "seabirds".  

Present Day

  Today, many of the past vessels still stand and are used with updated variations.  
  • Seabirds - Are commonly used now and come in all sizes for short or long voyages. Although with the widespread use of magic, actual birds are no longer used. They are still invited on-board as good luck charms and all Agritise know to pay respect to the "Bird On-board".
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