Kairas world guide for "A Series of Decisions on Kairas"

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Kairas is a world guide for a novella series set in the world's 3rd age. The first novella of A Series of Decisions on Kairas will launch in 2021. Join the newsletter and become a free subscriber for more info.
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Explore the world of Kairas

Directly from the The Stacks restricted section, here are several guides to help you get to know Kairas better. These guides, along with one of our best Curators, Laysa, should help you get to know the people, places, and ways of Kairas quickly!  
Welcome, welcome! I'm your guide and it is an honor to take you on a tour of Kairas. I'm ready to fill your noggin with myths, facts, and everything in between. Don't get distracted though. Or let me get distracted. It's easy to do. Trust me. ~ Laysa, Curator
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