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Rimir Dorzana

Of course I can swim under the keel and back!
— Captain Razorwing

Everyone from Rasi and the surrounding area knows the name of Captain Razorwing and his stories have started to travel far and wide.

Captain Razorwing

Captain Razorwing was not born a captains son, nor anywhere near a boat. He was born as Rimir Dorzana, second son of Aronath Dorzana, leader of one of the noble houses in Rasi. Growing up Rimir was never interested in all the tasks he had to do and studies he had to complete as a nobleman’s son. Instead Rimir dreamt of an adventurous life, just like his favourite fictional character: Captain Razorwing, who travelled the seas fighting all kinds of monsters.   When he got older, and it became clear to Aronath that Rimir was not very cut out for the noble life, he decided to finally give in to the countless times Rimir asked his dad for a boat to start adventuring. Aronath bought both a boat and a capable crew and allowed his son to live the adventurous life he had imagined, expecting Rimir back home within a month at most.   Rimir immediately took on the captain position, giving himself the alias of Captain Razorwing, leaving most of the actual duties to his first in command and over the course of the last couple of years he has only occasionally gone home to say hi to his father.

Pirating days

It didn’t take long for Rimir to start calling himself a pirate, trying to become famous by sailing the Southern Ocean with his homemade pirate flag. While he indeed became known as a pirate, it also became clear to the general public that he was still the stupid noble son and that he wasn’t very good at that job. Most trading ships and sea side villages let him get on with it, giving some of their goods and being reimbursed with either money or goods by his first in command in the name of noble house Dorzana.

Job change

After a year of letting Rimir do what he wanted, Aronath stepped in as he was done with constantly having to reimburse sailors and towns for his sons shenanigans. Rimir was called back and his father instructed him to, instead of a pirate, become a privateer and sail the seas in that way. Just in case there was ever the need for privateers, then he would be ready to go immediately. Nowadays Rimir sails around the Southern Ocean, bringing people and cargo to different places, still waiting for his opportunity to show off his privateer skills.

I stopped being a pirate as I thought that would be nicer for the guards as they could never catch me anyways.
— Captain Razorwing

First name
Last name
Captain Razorwing
Eye colour
Hair colour
Skin tone
fair with a slight sun tan
Notable feature
Prosthetic leg

Real versus Rumor

One of the most notable features of Rimir is that he has a prosthetic leg, made by Phantomforce prosthetics. While he tells all kinds of different stories about how his leg got bitten off by a shark of was destroyed when wrestling a kraken, the truth is much more simple. The truth is that he was to scared to let someone touch a cut he got on his lower leg as cleaning it would hurt. The consequences of that decision ended up hurting much more than cleaning the cut would have.

I already fought like twelve Krakens so this journey will be no problem!
— Captain Razorwing

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Author's Notes

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Time Bender
25 Jul, 2021 18:49

This is pretty humorous actually! I've grown fond of Rimir in this short amount of reading about him. He seems like he has a good heart, although he is definitely a wimp! XD

26 Jul, 2021 11:06

Thanks! Yeah he is, I first wrote him as a minor character addition to the prosthetics article and he sounded fun to give a whole article, but I had to fit in the pirate aspect somehow and this is what came out :). Writing him was really fun as well, and yeah he is definitely a big wimp xD