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Carrier B-T64

The Bluebrand trading company is known for their reliable overland carriage trading. Their carriers, as they call them, tend to be heavily guarded and most robbers will go for easier targets. Carrier B-T64 is the only carriage known to be lost after an ambush.


Carried B-T64 was heading north on the Iron Path Roadway, from Rasi and was about a day out from Tywe. The carriage was transporting valuable arcane artifacts to Trisza. One of the guards on top of the carriage spotted movement in the underbrush. Before the guard had time to warn the rest of the troupe, the ambush was sprung and immediately they were surrounded by multiple magic users, firing spells from their now lost invisibility. Most of the ground guards were out cold almost immediately and the horses bolted before colliding with a heavy magic force, toppling the cart towards the side of the road.   The magic artifacts flung from their protected chest and landed vulnerable inside the carriage before it was blasted with more arcane energy. Immediately the artifacts reacted, resulting in a strong magical vortex inside the carriage, blasting most of the sides outwards. The surviving guards tried desperately to stop the wizards, who were now visibly panicking at the sight of the magical vortex. Different magic dispelling spells were fired at the vortex, but any form of magic targeting it only made it grow. In a wild panic the wizards started to dissapear, leaving the guards to deal with their fallen comrades.   After many years, the previously straight, Iron Path Roadway now makes a wide berth around the still intact vortex. While court mages have assessed the situation and deemed it in stable condition, most travelers don't want to come anywhere near the wreckage. The old straith path is still visible, but currently more overgrown than the bypass travelers made through the fields east of the road.

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Cover image: by Eallixy using Artbreeder


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4 Feb, 2021 01:22

Oh no! D: It's terrifying that there is just a random vortex just on a road.

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
4 Feb, 2021 12:40

Thanks for your comment! If you just don't come too close it's fine! Right?