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422 AC/285 AD/505 BY/276 KR

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The world of Kaelat is a diverse world, full of magic, technology, adventure, political intrigue, danger, and excitement. If you can imagine a setting for an epic fantasy adventure, it probably exists within the world.   The main continent (also called Kaelat) consists of six nations entangled in a tenuous arrangement of alliances, stalemates, and uneasy peace. Order has reigned for several hundred years, but a mysterious force seeks to undo this order and bring about worldwide chaos.   The gods are very quiet, preferring to let the people who worship them do most of the work. But let that not fool you; the deities are very real, and they've left behind items and secrets of great power that only the worthy may truly wield. Champions of varying faiths strive to bring their god's will to the world, and the churches compete with nations for power.   Magic is integral to the world of Kaelat, and every nation has a differing attitude toward magic and its uses. With whom will you align? Whose interests will you serve?

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