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Districts of Pavorno

Fairmouth and Pavorno
The cities of Fairmouth, Troyso and Pavorno, Galieri.

Gold District

  Surmounting Vellesto Hill and providing stunning views of both cities, the Gold District is home to the richest nobles of Pavorno, and elsewhere.  

Copper District

  Covering the lower slopes of Vellesto Hill, this district is primarily home to the lower gentry.  

Garden District

  Residential District popular with rich merchants and impoverished gentry. The district takes pride in festooning windows and doorways with potted plants, hence the name.  

Old Mill

  Residential district spreading out from the site of the old mill, at the bend in the river where the current picks up. Primarily merchants and artisans reside here.  

Market District

  Pavorno boasts a large market district that encompasses more than ten city blocks. If you need it, you can find it for sale here.  

Dock Yards

  Pavorno's extensive docks bustle with activity, as ships are loaded and unloaded.

Silver District

  Uphill from the Garden District, this residential area is home to the nobles with middling fortunes.  

Hilltop District

  Perched on Cressina Hill overlooking the cities below, Hilltop is rapidly becoming a popular location for gentry of all stripes.  

Flower District

  Pavorno's primary entertainment district, it is full of brothels, gaming houses, wineshops and pubs.  


  Residential District that covers part of where the old wooden palisade used to be. Primarily home to laborers and struggling artisans and merchants.  

Military Ward

  The military and governmental presence in Pavorno takes up two sides of Grand Square. Even though relations with Troyso have been peaceful for the last 100 years, there is still a garrison.  

Dog Town

  The poorest segment of the city, Dog Town lies downwind of both the docks and the more rank-smelling industries. No one lives here that doesn't have to. Some claim that it is not even a true city district.
Settlement | Jul 11, 2022

(Pah-ˈVohr-No) A pleasure city in Galieri, where nobles come to play.

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