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2022 Summer Camp Pledge


Creative Goal

My creative goal for this Summer Camp is to go back in history, and flesh out the empires and kingdoms that shaped the world up to this point. I'm choosing this so I can add some depth to my worldbuilding, and so I can use the timelines and new chronicles feature.  


It's always been the idea that the continent of Iolera had vast ruling empires and dynasties in the past, but one builds empires by conquering and assimilating other smaller nations and areas. Who were those people, how did they interact within the larger empire? And also how elements like the Withering (mass pandemic) led to total collapse into clan-like villages and city-states.  

Challenge Pledge

I would very much like my goal to be Diamond or Die (or actually bonus Chronicles, Steel or Keel), but my normal annual vacation plans have resumed this year, and they consume a lot of time in July. So I shall have to set my sights rather lower, for what I'm calling Silver and Sane.  


I have a feeling I'll be inventing a lot of these areas completely off the cuff. My "expanses" look small on the map, but I have large northern forests like the Arsiaat Wilds, the southern jungles that I have yet to dive into, and the Maba'ji Wastes and Bahiyah Desert that make up most of Shiabia.   Leaders, I should have in plenty, with Emperors and Empresses, not to mention rebellion leaders and such. Plus, an Empire suggests a stable area where cultural enterprises can thrive. Perhaps magical weapons were created by Masters, or great buildings and statues were built that have crumbled into interesting ruins. Leaders of the temples might be interesting, is there a system to them, or are they all independant?   Discovery could happen many times, as things get discovered and forgotten and rediscovered. The cure for the Withering might be something I write about, or some cultural or religious treasure trove, a hidden cache of books uncovered. Things like magic might be banned or restricted at certain points, and then relearned later on.   Monstrous is a theme my world badly needs. I tend to write everything nicey-nice, so I could use some bad guys and monstrous creatures. I'm creating a D&D 5e world, so there should be dragons and goblins and everything all over the place. Hopefully, these prompts will help me seed my world with monsters of all sorts.  


  I hate writing metas. I know, that's heresy. But especially for Summer Camp, how do I find inspiration for prompts I don't have yet? I never know what I'm writing until it pops into my head. Plus, a lot of the artwork I'd use is copyrighted, like D&D stuff. I know I'll be using that. I don't listen to music while I write, unless I'm sprinting on a Twitch stream and the streamer has something quiet, so no playlists, either.

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Cover image: Kadeth Header by Nightflyer0ne


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