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Charged Coins

"...intent, in itself, is a powerful enhancing thing. It is the drive behind action, behind motive. What an idea, then, that intent would sit on a pedestal next to emotions, as a concept that folds the world into shapes of its own creation."
- Unknown, est. date UT 2350
(This article is a WIP.)   An especially valued object amongst the magically inclined, the Charged Coin is a unique form of currency used planet-wide in establishments devoted to the craft of magic.   Appearing at surface level as a heavily oxygenated copper coin with a blank magical sigil stamped on both sides, it might be easy to underestimate the value of such an object if uninitiated in the circles where it is most valued. The presence of a single coin in a group of proficient spellcasters can sometimes be sufficient enough to cause a stir!   Theorized to have been discovered some time in the 1200 UTs or earlier, the creation of the Charged Coin marked an upheaval in closed groups of magically inclined people selling and buying goods with which to practice their skills, and with these trade-offs remaining in such small groups of individuals, their currency would undergo a visual transformation.
Through experimentation, the common theory became that simply being in the presence of arcane powers would permanently alter the shape of most things, but that smaller objects were more susceptible to transformation in a shorter timescale.    With experimentation and time, copper was found to be the best metal used for this purpose, and thus Charged Coins were officially recognized as a currency.   Their prevalence in magic simply cannot be underestimated, as just one coin at its maximum possible charge is capable of allowing the casting of a second level spell without the loss of a spell-slot, and so on, so forth. They are heavily used to power magical barriers and fields, or in a pinch in battle. (However, it is to be noted that spells cast are affected by the spellcasting limitations of the person using them. An experienced mage might utilize a Charged Coin in a more efficient manner than an inexperienced one, due to spellcasting knowledge.)   Charged Coins are in high demand, as once the charge of a coin has been used, it must be passed around for some time naturally before it has enough power to make use of again. Attempts have been made to discover faster, artificial methods to place magic in the coins, but to no avail, thus making their supply limited until they've circulated for long enough.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

When an object has been passed around enough with a specific intent in mind, it has the chance of being imbued with arcane energy. This is made much easier with smaller items, and is the principle that causes the creation of Charged Coins.
Item type
Currency & Deeds
They are a semi-rare commodity in their fully charged state, but are very common in their uncharged state (at least, in circles of mages or arcanists).
5 grams
1 in. diameter, with 1 cm. thickness
Base Price
1000 gp for a single coin

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