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Aric Orion Veno

Leader Aric Orion Veno (a.k.a. Oreo)

Aric's one and only dream since he was a child has been to attend Ops. It's a goal he has worked towards for his entire life, for as long as he can remember. He trained martial arts, sword handling, long range accuracy and more, just in preparation for his initial entrance exams which would determine his future team for eight year in Ops.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

toned. lean. doesn't the up a lot of space.

Body Features

pale skin. many piercings in his ears. tattooed vines on his arm.

Facial Features

square jaw. kept eyebrows. sharp eyes. fluffy hair in his eyes. trains with a hair band.

Identifying Characteristics

Vine tattoos. Piercings. Scar diagonally on his lower abdomen.

Physical quirks

writes with right hand but is ambidextrous. walks either incredibly slow and sluggishly. or zoooom. slouched when tired and gets eye ticks too. cracks his knuckles and joins religiously. flexible. incredibly. either Resting gone face or tired face. kinda off when you see him alone without his team. can be scary when tired or pissed off. never seen without his leather jacket.

Apparel & Accessories

grunge kinda. likes to wear whatever he finds if it doesn't bother him he wears it. always in a leather jacket and bed head. likes to chew spearmint gum all the time. smokes when depressed.

Specialized Equipment

Weaponry. Small fanny pack for his trinkets. Owns a "not a motorcycle".

Mental characteristics


Combat training in various ways.


Small jobs to sustain his education.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Successfully entered Chronoport. Became leader of a team.

Mental Trauma

Saw his father and older sister be brutally murdered in front of him while his mother was away.

Intellectual Characteristics

Intelligent. Aloof. Considerate. Self-sacrificial. Kind. Skilled.

Morality & Philosophy

Believes that humans deserve to live peacefully amongst others. But also enrolled in the army to help out in the war going on between the human and the invading alien race from Juni mother Planet.


speaking about his family in any way, shape or form.

Personality Characteristics


Peace between all life.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Good at shooting and using random things as improvised Weaponry. Bad at any from of math. Loves being around his team, will never admit anything.

Likes & Dislikes

Loves Juni after an acid shower. Hates the smell of blood. Anything to do with blood is not meant for him. Reminds him too much how when he was nine and lost half his family on his birthday. Hates celebrating his birthday too so most people and his team celebrate their leader on his name day.

Virtues & Personality perks

Dexterous, nimble. Quick thinker, his main leading quality. Good with little kids and distressed people. Knows the majority of Juni wildlife from memory nad knows what to cook when stranded alone and how.

Vices & Personality flaws

Cannot function around blood. Smokes occasionally. Drinks alcohol like its water and sometimes uses vodka instead of morning coffee.

Personality Quirks

Fidgeting when nervous. Scratches his ear when embarrassed. Taps his fingers when lying. Eye ticks when sleep deprived, that's quite a lot of times. Loves black coffee and the smell of I.


cleaning when on edge. team base is stark clean, dishes done, cooking done, groceries loaded out everything in its place and in alphabetical order. But forgets to brush his teeth and substitutes with mint gum instead.


Contacts & Relations

Team F62 Chronoport students others to be added

Family Ties

Ena Veno; biological mother Kian Veno; biological father, deceased Ada Veno; older sister, deceaded

Religious Views


Social Aptitude

socially capable, aloof of to new people, quite charming in his weird way, acts like he doesn't care about manners but he knows everything incredibly well. Doesn't willingly associate with newcomers and likes to keep his distance until he know them better.


Hands in his pocket ninty percent of the time, slouched when talking of tired, so all the time. Exasperated? Move ya hands all around or die. Uses weird expressions he has from other languages thinking it's and English expression but ends up sounding like an idiot.

Hobbies & Pets

Keeps a pet snake from earth embryos brought of Juno. Humans brought species kept in embryos to sustain life. Likes to climb buildings, and is weirdly good at making ice sculptures for some reason. Nobody knows why he has that skill but he does.

Wealth & Financial state

The only to his name is the most to his mothers name. He has two addi jobs on top of attending Chronoport and makes sure she has what she needs. After the family massacre, his mother's psychological health degraded exponentially and he was forced to have her hospitalized by his distant relatives at the age of fourteen. He visits whenever he can but always at least once a week.

Chaotic neutral. Lawful Evil kinda.
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
The Leader of team F62. Head of F62.
Year of Birth
140 P.A. 17 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
His mother gave birth two weeks before due. Aric was a fragile baby and now cannot gneraccumulafe as much muscle as other people.
Centric Mainline Hospital; New Fortuna City
Current Residence
Zenith ; base 528A
Biological Sex
bisexual. male-leaning.
Gender Identity
male. he/him. androgynous fashion.
Aric's eyes are a cold green, color of mint leaves. They are watching all around them, judging, observing. But they are tired of being open, they long for rest. They carry dark circles, and short eyelashes, thick and curled.
His hair is a dull white color, covering his years partially. He has a lousy undercut that one of his teammates gave him on a drunken night. It has a jagged cut through it. Hu hair naturally split in the middle but he kind of flops it around as he wishes.
Skin Tone
Aric's skin is lightly tanned from sunny days on his brigades to keep him kicking. It is littered in bruises from training, decorated by scars.
183 cm
60.6 kg
Quotes & Catchphrases
"Get off of me. I don't owe you my silence. And you will not get out of the goodness of my heart."   "Not this again."
Aligned Organization
The Operative Institutes
Known Languages
English. Universal Laguage.
Character Prototype
august from project divider was original inspiration for Aric.

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