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The Year is 1348.ND (New Dawn)

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The world of Jukorus is vast in culture and variant in design. filled with travelling tails of monsters, gods and places only dreamt up in stories of wonder and majesty, or tails to scare children into sleep by cynical grandparents.   The world takes the stories and religions of old lost to our own world and places it into a D&D setting, with every continent being a glimpse of an old culture of our own world and the old gods that went with it.   The world is vast and still being explored and understood in not just this world has to offer but the multiverses surrounding it.



  • Map of The City of Onix

    The City overlooks Onix Lake, a Silvery Blueish Green that dives deep into the dark blues and blacks of mystery.   A Traditional Town/City that shows the old life of the newer humans & Halflings that lived once before.   Whitestone buildings and red brick roofs cover the Skys and Green grass and cobblestone streets.   Rivers and water paths flow threw the streets and into the Onix Lake below.

  • Map of Valor

    a Continent of Nordic inspired design that asks the question. What happened post Ragnarök?   Valor, a harsh place to live unless you know the lands better then you know yourself. Filled with monsters and monstrosities alike, all battling for a home and a quiet life. if only things were so easy. In the north the rugged mountains of snow and sharp rock lace the landscape like glass, as dose the thick pine growing within. stretching, straining for the suns light to touch there tail branches. monsters roam the landscape surviving by any means necessary. in the south the lands are more forgiving, but the people less so. hills and valleys dot the surrounding area of oak and birched wood. However Be careful as the roads and cities are laced with thieves, tyrants and worst of all politics.   In setting ears The Year is 1348.ND (New Dawn). the continent of Valor is split into 2 Continent: Valencia to the south - a Country inhabited by Elves, Humans, Halflings and Gnomes. a ‘Civilised’ Place full of technological prowesses and magic initiative. Onnin to the north - a Country inhabited by Dwarfs, Goliaths, Giants, Humans and Orcs. the ‘Barbaric’ Races versed in traditional culture, brute strength and survival wisdom.

  • Map of Kela

    Kelas a small village on the outskirts of the Enchanted Forest. a Logging community hailing mainly of Halflings and Gnomes, however a welcoming place to all. small and friendly the people are cheerful and jovial. Created by 2 Halflings and a Gnome who spent the money they made into creating this village as a safe place for old war vets to live in peace of the war up north, as well as a place to harvest the red pine the forest holds.

  • Map of Valencia

    Valencia a place of prosperous discovery of new technology, magic and artful expression. Split into 3 States.   To the North The Alliance of the Rising Sun. Owned by the Summer Spire of elves, under the watchful eye of the Alliance of the Rising Sun. the north holds many treasures of the arcane and mysteries that are lost to many. a state of Magic, mystery and democratic rule.   in the middle of Valencia The Kingdom of Dawn. Run under the rule of the autumn spire, under the command of Queen Linnril Xylorin I. a militaristic state filled with law and order, or as much as they can obtain.   To the South of Valencia The Blossoming Empire. Run under the rule of the spring spire, watched over by King Dagnir Eladon V a free state, full of trade, art and culture.