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World Ember Prep 2023

HW 1: Focus Points

By the end of December, all four of the Judge of Mystics Saga novels will be in the ether. Part of World Ember this year will be filling out some of the settings of the books, which I'm more than ready to bundle up the final plots of the Quartet and set myself up for work on Bardaga, and other origin stories which attach to Wax Wing, Agapemache and Psychopomp.

  • Goal: 15,000
  • Bardaga: The people-groups who enter Wax Wing & the gods Bar & Dag need fleshing out in preparation for Wax Wing. Time to throw down on my colourful murder planet!
  • Psychopomp: The one area of the deities I need to flesh for Judge of Mystics is the Chthonics and the Underworlds. More than Persephone, I need to throw down across a span of cultures and Realms. Time to dive in.

I cannot wait to dive back into the Lieben Cycle, on the edge of World Ember, and refresh my love of Cyberpunk before the release of NEON Lieben's sequel Emptiness at the Centre.

  • Goal: 35,000
  • Technology: The futurist tech of the Conglom, Syndicate and Havens are getting the best of my attention for World Ember.
  • CageWire: January 2023, I released the short story CageWire, a prequel of NEON Lieben from the perspective of Demyan Anastas. I'd love to dive more in, and transition between our modern tech and the tech we see in the 2150's in NL and the planned sequel Emptiness at the Centre.

HW 3: World Front Pages

I took some time to 'clean up' the CSS especially with The Lieben Cycle. There are tons of containers I need to make, since I went no background on the words. While I'm happy with the design trajectory, it means a complete redo on basically the entire world.
Lieben Cycle

An insane kickass cyberpunk rollercoaster

A diabolical, kick-ass cyberpunk rollercoaster pitching humanity in the middle of genetically altered super soldiers, and the benevolent AI Queen who wants to save them. Which side are you on?

Judge of Mystics

Mythpunk with a punch to the heart.

HW 2: Mini-Meta

Lieben Cycle: Mini-Meta

Genre: Cyberpunk

Themes: Transhumanist Eternalism, Genetic Engineering, Technological Redundancy, Bespoke Culture, Anti-Corpocratic versus Corporations for the Betterment of Humanity

Scope: The technological advancements and differences between Haven, the Conglom, the Syndicate and the world of the 2090's

Goal: Revise and expand on the technology of each entity, and how they evolve over time.


Judge of Mystics: Mini-Meta

Genre: Mythpunk / Godpunk

Themes: Humanity vs Divine, Cultural Cohesion, Peace vs War, Re-igniting Family after Drift

Scope: Wax Wing, Psychopomp (Chthonics & Underworlds)

Goal: A series of mythpunk novels & audio dramas to engage an entertain.

Inspiration: Folklore & World Mythology


I'm already fully contented by the categories in my Judge of Mystics world. The Lieben Cycle? Eheheh... okay that one I have to work on this week. Haaaah... Let me get to it, yeah just a sec...

Absolutely went with a separation between group lines. The HAVEN, Conglom, Syndicate, etc all have their own categories and feels.

HW 4: Tidying Up & Chill

I cleaned my office, set myself up on my desk with a quick tidy and put up lights. Let's go.

Support Network & Chill Crew

My co-hosts at We Aren't Dead Yet are my best support, alongside Melo, my spouse Kick and my muse Othori. Without them? Hah! Oh, and I plan to play alllll the bibeo gaems. Baldur's Gate 3, anyone? Assassins Creed?


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18 Nov, 2023 15:45

Wow! 50k is a massive goal, but sounds really achievable when you break it down. Also, I love the style of your page and worlds. Looks and sounds great! Have a great WorldEmber. :)

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