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The mooring rope between The Spheres and Midgard, I've had Dur-An-Ki defined as Jacob's Ladder, the home of the Sumerian Pantheon and as the 'mountain fortress' similar to Olympus
While all these definitions are fine, for a space which weathered eons changing hands several times amidst the early interpretation of the Realms which grew around it, this is the most stable place for bioloigical entities such as humans and deities to encounter the Theosians.    One part meeting place, one part palace, Dur-An-Ki is the only place aside from the swell of the Creatrix' chaos-sea known as the Ginnungagap, where anyone can access the Spheres without having emanated from them in the first place.    Due to the... mind-blowing nature of the Spheres, beware all who wish to touch the celestial vaults lest thy minds be rendered asunder, well not mine. Other minds. Biological minds. I'm immune, for I am a Book.

Localized Phenomena

In the centre of the Ziggurat's topmost tier, lies the Seat of Spheres, a circular construction placed like a divine baby gate over the wormhole to The Spheres. Take it at your peril.   Seriously, they make you sign a waiver. All but the most sincere are turned away by this point, the magnitude of the Theosian divine and devilish enough to quell all but the most fervent desires to see it for themselves. Even then, most are barred not from some aura of holiness or sin-hindrance, but for the one emphatic truth of the Spheres.  
They Will F$%king Melt Your Brain. Do not enter the Spheres!
You will not come back unscathed, IF you return at all.
Far more capable beings attempted the journey enough times in the past for the Theosians to realize they ought to have an embassy as close to the Axis Mundi as possible, and thus Dur-An-Ki was provided.   Stay! Stay here. Where it's safe. I remain confident the Cherubim despise sending the Principalities and Virtues on more clean up missions in sphere 7. Short of divine intervention of the highest order, there is no possible way to enter The Spheres and survive.  
"Gee. I only wondered once, why you gotta call me out like that, Book?" Karisma Calebdottir
  Because, Ms. Calebdottir, I don't trust you as far as I can throw you. And as I have no limbs, musculature or telekinesis, I can't throw you. At all.  
Confronted teen mumbling. "Well fine then... see if I invite you to my Birthday parties... stupid all knowing Book." Karisma Calebdottir


Rather pleasant in a mediterranean sort of way. The sound of the Mediterranean sea wafts in, birds caw and chirp in the perpetually warm season, it is a wonderful place. You ought to stay there when you visit the Theosians.


Once the bastion of the Sumerian deities, Dur-An-Ki came into Theosian possession around the same time Elijah set the priests of Baal on fire. Since then, the Sumerians toddled off to visit cousins for an extended period.    Which means, of course, they never left their cousins and now live quite happily in the Indus.


A bustling place, Dur-An-Ki is the hub of all things monotheist, and has at the base of the Ziggurat, a fantastic market and meeting place for people from across the Theosian connections. Synagogue, Cathedral, Mosque and Fire Temple, House of Worship, Monastery and Meeting Halls tuck into the valley, around a multitude of lodges and retreats.    The only requirement of the Theosians is that all who come as worshippers or those in need of rest be given food, lodging and basic amenities at no cost, but that which naturally occurs when folk pitch in. Thus, as long as one isn't too proud to stack dishes in a dishwasher, help cook, mop up or tidy their rooms and some common areas, Dur-An-Ki is a place of rest.    Many flock to Dur-An-Ki for the hospitals, which provide free care for all who ask, presided over by Raphael and a legion of angelic and human interfaith volunteers. One of the most substantial volunteers is a woman named Mary, whom Jase affectionately calls mother.
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Jacob's Ladder; That Fething Wormhole; Oh God No I Didn't Mean It Lemme Go Back Home
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