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Orber Urifir


A young and fashionable Tebtai elf with long braided black hair.   Orber wears black silk brocade jerkin, cut in the elven fashion, clinging closely to the figure with skirts draping almost to the knee. The jerkin is embroidered all over with tiny, precise, golden compasses. He has a piercing gaze with no pupils, his entire eye is a coloured iris.   The Urifir family are an old and wealthy one in Tebtai, his father is Lord Buandai Urifir. Orber is cocky and self-assured and acts like someone of considerable wealth. However, his misdealing in the Besol Navigator’s Guild have lead him to run out of funds entirely.   Neither his family, nor the guild are interested in bailing him out of another one of his mistakes, and he is now on his own. He will, as much as possible avoid paying for anything, but try to maintain the image of wealth.


Family Ties

Son of Buandai Urifir.

High elf
No pupils
Long black braids

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