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King of Arnak

The King of Arnak is the individual that rules over the Kingdom of Arnak. The title is passed down following patriarchal lineage.   The King has the authority to make all executive decisions regarding the management of the Kingdom of Arnak.


To be the son of the previous King.   Or, if one is usurping a previous King, they must be ethnically Arnak, either dragonborn or human.


It is expected that the King of Arnak protect the people and maintain the power of the nation. Whilst not a duty per-se, the people also expect the King of Arnak to respect and improve the two pillars of Arnak society; magic and civilisation.


Not only is the King the most powerful individual in Arnak, he is also the wealthiest.

Nobility, Hereditary
Source of Authority
Length of Term
The King serves for life, or until abdication.
Current Holders
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