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Inmemorabilis Siseni (Adopted), Tanto (Biological) (a.k.a. Abilis)

Inmemorabilis is a tabaxi hunter, ethnically Etsuman yet raised within the bounds of Arnak culture.   He is a solitary figure who rarely spends much time around others, but is always accompanied by his animal companion; Aelurus, a black panther.   Inmemorabilis never knew his birth parents, and was raised by a human arnak man, in a small village south of the town of Kara.   After his adopted father was killed by cultists of Zivotinya in 1498 DR, Inmemorabils left his hometown to live alone.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Inmemorabilis was born to tabaxi parents, but never knew them. He was found swaddled next to the corpses of his parents, by an arnak farmer named Amynat Siseni. Amynat raised Inmemorabils as his own son, until he was murderd by cultists of Zivotinya in 1498 DR, when Inmemorabilis was only 15. The cultists burnt down the entire village, but Inmemorabilis was spared, as he was away hunting.   Inmemorabilis possessed a remarkable aptitude as a tracker and hunter, so was capable of sustaining himself and surviving in the wild for some time.   He eventually got in trouble with the Tebtai Empire, arrested by Shield Guards for assault of a Tebtai serviceman. He spent two years in prison, and was released in 1502 DR.   After his release, Abilis met Jari Debanise, who inducted him in to the Emerald Enclave , teaching him new Druidic powers. Jari revealed she had worked with Abilis' birth parents in the Emerald Enclave, and had been watching over Abilis his entire life, waiting for the moment he was ready for her to teach him the truth of who he was. Abilis' father, Tanto Thunder's Call was a powerful druid, and his mother, Tanto Silent Arrow was an accomplished ranger.


Inmemorabilis received no formal education, but was trained in the art of hunting and ranging by an elderly ranger in his village.


Inmemorabilis makes his money from his ranging skills, either selling the fruits of his hunting, or occasionally serving as a guide through wilderness.

Failures & Embarrassments

Inmemorabilis was briefly imprisoned by the Tebtai Empire for spitting in the face of a Tebtai serviceman.

Year of Birth
1483 DR 19 Years old
Short black fur

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