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Hymar Skjorn

Captain Hymar Skjorn

Skole Warfard was a Spine Folk human who lived during the Divided Dale Epoch, he was the Captain of the Aetherwulf Army, and served under Ice King Skole Warfard.   Hymar was briefly believed to be the Bifrost Srider, thanks to his uncanny ability to cheat death.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Hymar was selected by Ice King Skole Warfard to lead the Aetherwulf Army within the newly formed Kingdom of Ice. Hymar was an incredibly impressive fighter and perfect for the role.   Despite performing outstandingly in many battles, Hymar was killed in the Dale Reckoning, when an arrow fired by Virnelis Balmaer, leader of the Dale Watch, fired an arrow imbued with necrotic magic. Hymar did not die instantly, resisting the magic long enough to tackle Virnelis and cave his skull, just before the magic caused him to disintegrate.   Hymar’s death was something of debate, with many historians and preachers claiming that his death made clear he was not the Bifrost Strider, whereas others claim that his ability to delay necrotic death for so long is testament that he was.

Current Location
Spine of the World
Spine Folk
36 BDR 1 BDR 35 years old
Circumstances of Death
Killed in battle during the Dale Reckoning
Related Myths

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