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Grand General

The Grand General is the de-facto ruler of the Isle of Etsuman. The title is technically granted by the Emperor of Etsuman to the most powerful General in Etsuman. However, typically, whoever has the power to declare themselves Grand General is at that point too powerful to be contested by the Emperor, who will have no choice but to grant them the rank.   The rank of Grand General was originally a military one, denoting the commander of the Etsuman army. However, at a certain point, the incumbent Grand General realised that the military power they wielded essentially gave them control of the entire Isle, and as such, seized actual power from the Emperor (whilst technically keeping the Emperor as a figurehead).   Since then, the title is bestowed to the Clanmaster who controls the seat of power in the Isle of Etsuman.   The title is often contested, and at any given time, multiple Clanmasters will likely be vying to remove the incumbent Grand General. If a rebel Clanmaster manages to raise a large enough army, and either seize enough land, seize power, or kill the incumbent Grand General, then the Emperor of Etsuman will usually bestow upon them the title of Grand General.
Civic, Political
Current Holders
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Emperor of Etsuman
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